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walked into store and passed "P" the assistant manager on duty that night talking to two of his friends loudly he said " I almost jumped over the bar and punched the guy in the face" I continued walking past

and looked at my fellow shoppers and commented on how inapproriate that was.

I continued about my shopping grabbed an energy drink the shelf said it was on sale for 3.99 with 3.00 register rewards for a .99 item price and it had $1.00 coupon on. I thought great deal!I had a total of three items The energy drink price rang up 7.99. Sandi at register asked for a price check. "p" the assistant manager came after he had checked the item and said it was last weeks sale and the tag was still there just give it to me for .99.(which he said with great attitude) I said and I have a coupon too

he looked at me rudely and said - you mean you wanna use a coupon too? I said just ring it up and forget the coupon at that point another item I had did not come up price I saw on the shelf also. I told checker to forget that item just ring up the energy drink and the other item I had. I said " you should really make sure the old tags come off

the shelf. He gave me a nasty look and started walking away and said " we have 1600 tags we can't get every one of them". He continued to walk away and I asked him " are you being rude to me?" to which he replied " I kinda am".I asked him his name and I then informed him that I was going to contact corporate about his attitude. I could not hear at that point

what it was he said back to me as he was two two isles away by that time. I expected this to be the end of it in the store.

I spoke with the checker "s" and informed her that I was calling corporate

and expected her to tell the truth about what happend.

Then to my surprise "p" had went to the shelf and brought back the second item that rang up wrong that I had just said to forget He rudely told me I was wrong on that item that the price under it on the shelf was correct. Like he was trying to make a point. At this point I told him he was very rude and I was calling corporate in the morning.

He then proceeded to say to me Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye loudly and rudley acting like a 10 year old trying to rush me out of the store. At this point there were 4 customers behind me watching the whole thing I have 3 witnesses that were with me that heard this horrible example of customer service. I am appaled at this behavior. NEVER have I EVER been treated this baldy. I have called coporate and am going to follow up with this in the am.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Coupon.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Hey samsss....if you would post the whole story & a little more of the truth. Then I would be ok with your complaint.

Way to leave out the way you acted in this instance. P.S. I still work there & the loss of your 4 dollars in business is killing my bottom line please come back!!! JK!!!

People like you are the reason retail sucks. Try a better attitude & you will in turn receive one!!


UPDATE: apparetly this employee has been rude numerous times due to the fact that he was passed up for a promotion. Gee, I wonder why he was passed up.

LOL. Store Manager, Distric Manager & Assistant Distric manager not happy campers. I heard the day before he had got into it with another customer. Also, another store down the road said they have heard several complaints about this employee.

Ended up with a gift card.

Won't go back in this store as long as he works there! (If he still does)