Baton Rouge, Louisiana
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Ever since this pharmacist took over this store, the service has been very slow and bad. When I request a refill I have been receiving for 10 years now, he questions the narcotic one.

He has also refused to refill a prescription from my dentist, I got it refilled somewhere else easily. One time two of us needed to wait for refill and I could see this woman was in very very much pain, and it took over an order to wait. He has got to go, I have had enough of him questioning my precriptions, Is this against the Law? Does he have the right?

I dont think so. I can't trust them to call my doctor as they say they will do, or fax doctor.

I am definitly switching as much as I dont want to as it is farther away. Compliant on Walgreens Store#11413.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

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Are you crazy? Seriously?

How bout you go to the pharmacy when you're in severe pain and she subjected to waiting and then be questioned about your perscription! If Something is wrong with the perscription for a narcotic there is a very simple solution call the doctor! There's no excuse for rudeness..

if you treat people with respect especially the ones that are giving you their money

and if you can't confirm the perscription politely explain that to the consumer. I can a almost guarantee if someone is treated respectfully they wouldn't feel angry enough to lasht out about not filling the script Also did you ever think that maybe she was referring to the pharmacist as a doctor was because he/she.was attempting to act like one.


The rph has every right to question the script if he feels he needs to do so. Is the against the Law you ask that's funny you clearly have no idea the legal issues the rph can face if he gives you the drug if something is wrong with the script, let me you in on something the dr messes up scripts every single day alot of them. The rph usually has more knowledge on drug interactions and are trying to help you while you are being rude to them & as for people waiting in pain, people are always waiting in pain, people always want it now now now, we can only do so much, seriously.


To So Sad: This is the second useless comment of yours that I have read on this website. I'm sure there must be more.

Hope I miss the rest. Go away.

To Mustangdebb: They will question narcotic prescriptions and question if you are receiving a narc from your doctor + another narc from your dentist. Everything may be on the up and up with what you are taking (no reason to assume this person is an abuser) but you probably do have to wait longer for auth on some narcotic's and in particular if you are getting more than one.

They have to be extra careful when filling those types of drugs. That said, if you aren't trying to pull anything (not saying you are) then I have no doubt that Walgreens is screwing up your prescriptions right and left leaving you suffering and wasting your time because Walgreens is the worst pharmacy out there!!

Good luck to you. Hope it gets straightened out.


A pharmacist can refuse to fill any script as long as they are consistent.


What is a doctor pharmacy man? You must be 5 years old to talk like that?


Maybe he's questioning the narcotic because you get it from your Dr and then the dentist. You can't take both, I doubt the other pharmacy knew your history. You sound like an abuser, and if I were there, I wouldn't just blindly fill your prescriptions either, it is our job to question drs and watch abusers .