Howell, New Jersey
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apparently you don't need a college degree to work in the pharmacy at walgreens. they don't know how to use the computer, lose prescriptions, and have generally really poor service.

having visited there many times for prescriptions, they are consistantly slow and unable to determine what computer screen to be on. the woman takes my prescription and enters it into the computer. "it'll be here for next time." and i thinking hey right. well I was right. they lost it.

*** is and *** does. i think it is time for the FDA to stop letting these pharmacies merge. walgreens and cvs suck.

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Walgreens and CVS will ALWAYS be understaffed. They are there to MAKE MONEY.

You have prescription insurance and you will come back next time regardless of the wait time.

You wait an hour but save $100 b/c of your insurance co-pay. It's a trade off and Walgreens, CVS take advantage of that.


I have to admit some of Tasha's posts are rude and immature but what ayout you kymmberlie? You brag about wanting to bust Tasha's mouth.

You brag about beating your wife. Yours are a lot worse and more immature. Tasha is a 13 year old child what's your excuse for being immature? Assuming you are all full of it and not really a married man but rather a child wanting attention, and by your posts I think you are no older than 12 or 13 yourself.

Also the fact that the two of you replied within minutes of on and other makes me wonder if you are a friend of hers and just posted that for attention? If not I would like to see you make a threat to a man like that and see what happens.


Actually Tasha I am a man. Tasha sounds like a woman\'s name so I could bust that big mouth of your.

I am not afraid of hitting women. I hit my ex wife till she divorced me and got a restraining order from me and my children so *** you. *** you too \"grow up\". I am more grown up than either one of you.

This is why they should not hire women as pharmacists.

They are sex objects and should be seen not heard. Stop replying on my letter.


I have to agree with Tasha. This person should not put others\' down when her letter makes her look like a *** herself.

Are you going to meet me in a back alley because you don\'t like what I said because that is very childish of you to make threats. I bet if you had to actually carry on with your threat you would run away. It is obvious that you who replied wrote this letter. Perhaps if you were not in a hurry you would not have made mistakes.

Also my guess is you are a teen. Did you know that threatening someone online is illegal.

Tasha ignore this person she/he just does not know how to communicate. Seriously grow up.


Actually not only would I kick your butt but you would be the one charged since you attacked me first. This child needs to learn to spell.


I'd like to meet you sometime in a dark alley and bust that big mouth of yours...thats your problem...big know what they say about people that always put others nothing else to you.


shut up tasha your an ***


Apparently you yourself don't have a college degree nor have you made it past kindergarten if you type and spell like this. Is your Caps Lock key broken or is it that you yourself who don't know how to use a computer and put something in capital letters at the begining of a sentence or proper noun?

Sometimes being slow is better than being fast. You were obviously too fast to type this letter.

To fast to use capital letter when needed. That is your stupidity.