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fighting with my husband on his med. what if someone was there and need there nitro pills for a heart attack or was calling in for there nitro and here the are one the phone waitting for 2 and half hours.

By the time they answer the person could be dead. what the *** every pharmacy need there own phone line. not this 2 or more hours waitting crap.Rite aid was a *** of a lot better then Walgreens every was. a script only took 15 to 20 minute.

You take an hour too tow hours just to fill one script. here in Pittsfield Maine the only good pharmacist you have is the head one. he's the best. and then there's the other one that *** up everyone meds.

Let the head pharmacist fire his butt. And get someone in there that can do the dam job. because if you don't change thing fast every one in pittsfield going to go to wal mart to get every thing they need. Look in your dam cam you have in every store.see how often the phones are picked up and check how often they go to the window for the drive through.

there was a person sitting there for half hour or more.

so smarten the *** up or get the *** out of they United States because your pharmacy suck's the price of everything this more then any other place i know. And don't ask me to rate it your sucky *** store.

Walgreens Pros: There are know pros.

Walgreens Cons: Suck dick, You suck, Any place is better then you, You are a bad, Know good.

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I would recommend asking to speak to the pharmacist. State do to the irregularities of pushing back by refill date I am now short and do not have enough.

Emphasize the fact you are out of the medicine and emphasize you are confused as to how it's your responsibility to deal with the discrepancy. Figure out the number that you need so you can be on track for the new refill date so as to not run out of your medicine so you dont have health complications.