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Walgreens will fire you for no reason at all. The further you advance in the company the more likely it is you will be fired.

A clerk who has worked in the store for an hour can have their store manager fired by telling a lie to loss prevention. Loss prevention will not back you up or search out the truth to see if the person is telling the truth. They will just fire the manager and promote somebody else who will try to not get fired. The Upper Management is out of the loop with their clients.

They have you market 90 day supplies of meds and wonder why your monthly sales are down. They are doing everything they can to take the customer away from their stores and doing very little to get them in.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

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So did you request a polygraph or anything? I take it they accused you of something.


I work for walgreens and pissed of with this company so much money they have and they *** it up. they open so many stores now that they dont make the same sales as before and now they want to cut 10 hours from my salarie. really im going to CVS wich they pay more and they are starting to open theres stores.


st paul white bear needs help to be the worst store could get anyone to ring me upp left pissed and went to CVS


A Walgreens MGT is the most likely position from which an honest person can be fired as the result of false employee claims. This is especially true if the MGT is a white male, and the employee making the complaint holds one or more minority statuses.

I have seen this happen in two instances. In both, the complainant's on the job conduct was indefensible. However, all they had to do was complain about an MGT who had simply admonished them, in an appropriate manner, and the MGT in both cases, honest and hard working men, were terminated. The complainants involved simply made up allegations of harassment related to the their minority status.

It didn't matter that the misbehavior was blatant, severe, and well documented, the complainants were retained and the white MGT was terminated.

Walgreens is so afraid of the potential for a discrimination lawsuit that they consider it cheaper to dismiss an MGT than to stand up for what is right.

White customers need to stand up and take their business to CVS until Walgreens affords white MGTs the same rights that it does to those with minority status. I no longer work there and I will never spend another penny in Walgreens until I know that both of those horrible women making those false complaints have been terminated.


Sad.. Check the gp in Rx before you complain about 90 days.

It's actually making money and competing with mail order.. ***


I don't tell everyone your first and last name, however I worked with this person and this person was a cashier and fired for stealing from the register. It is a shame too because they have been with the company for none years.


Who would want to hire someone that lies from the get go. Try being honest a you might get job. Lyers never prosper.