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Walgreens sucks, don't go here to fill a prescription. I am a patient person and when someone is going to give me $25 I can typically be even more patient. However, if you aren't going to follow through with the ads then just tell me up front, I won't be mad at that point.

However, if I do what you say then honor your word! Here's what happened today. I went to Walgreens to fill a prescription because I had seen the $25 promotion for filling a prescription there. When I got there I was told that it had to be a transfered prescription and couldn't be a new prescription. However, the woman behind the counter told me that if I went over to Publix and dropped off the prescription, I could transfer it and that would work. Well I needed some groceries so I went to Publix with a friend and her kids, dropped off my prescription, then got on my friends phone and transfered the prescription.

At the time the prescription said it would be ready I went back to Walgreen's to pick up my prescription and my $25 gift card as promised. When I got there they hadn't even called Publix to transfer the prescription and told me it would be another 30 minutes. Mind you I am 8 1/2 months pregnant with a 3 year old but thought we could run some more errands and then come back. I came back 30 minutes later and was told it would be another 10 mintes. So, we waited about another 20 minutes and again came back. Still, I am very patient because I am going to get my prescription and the $25. However when I came back they have now decided that there is some kind of bar code that I am supposed to have in order to get the gift card. They call over another guy, who I am guessing was the manager and he says that I am going to have to come into the store and fill out some paperwork that will take about another 30 minutes. I mean seriously what paperwork takes 30 minutes. But by this time my 3 year old is asleep in the back and I can't wake her up to go in so I said I can't come in my daughter is asleep in the back and it has been over 3 hours. A good manager would have said you know what I have to do this paperwork but if you drive around front I will stand with you and help you complete it. But no, the dumb guy tells me that I have to come in for a minimun of 30 minutes and do some paperwork or I won't get the gift card. Now remember pregnant, 3 year old asleep, and we have been out for over 3 hours, we have waited patiently but by this point my hormones are kicking in and I tell the guy to just give me my stuff back and I am not filling a prescription there.

Honestly, if they had just been honest when I walked in there at 1:30 and said we can't honor this coupon, for whatever reason, I would have been much more patient than I was at 4:30. Be honest and don't tell me to do one thing if you aren't going to honor it!


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Totally agree with you. She's a loser, and I don't feel bad for her. She's not teaching her children how to be a hard working citizen who is honest.

Hampton, New Hampshire, United States #1080920

Exactly, low class lady who wastes peoples time

Hampton, New Hampshire, United States #1080912

You are a ***..very unethical. Making a pharmacy fill your rx and transfer it just to get $25. Stop popping out kids.


The only reason i walked into a Walgreens was because i needed to take a ***.

Milford, Michigan, United States #993070

Walgreens in greenville mi never has your scrips done even when there R two people in line 1 pill 20 minutes is BS! I hate this store!

to Anonymous Hampton, New Hampshire, United States #1080916

Wah..Cry me a river.

You actually have to wait.Poor baby

Chicago, Illinois, United States #948047

Bought the Walgreen version of Z quill.Opened the box and went to pour the dosage, but the dose cup they provide had a hole in it.

Now I have sticky liquid all over me and the bedside. I called customer service and got NOTHING. They just don't care.

Next up is I'm going to give CVS a shot, seems I have as many of them around as Walgreen.Maybe they will care about the customer.


This place does not care about you!Poor Rx errors can't be tolerated!

Ever!Trust you life to walgreens....NOT!

North Richland Hills, Texas, United States #851330

I have been screwed around by Walgreens for the last time.I've been treated badly by them on several occasions but because they are close by I keep going back there.


On three separate occasions they have told me my Rx would be ready in x minutes and when I get there, normally longer than the time they gave me, it is still not ready.

Today I called them to find out if I could get a refill (what I need has been out of stock for 2 months so I did not want to waste time if they did not yet have it) and I sat on hold for 65 minutes without ever getting to talk to anyone. How can any company expect a customer to sit on hold for that long!!

I hung up and called CVS and within 1.5 minutes I was talking to the pharmacist.they did not have what I need so called Kroger's and again within 3 minutes I had my Rx ordered.

I will never, ever set foot in a Walgreens EVER AGAIN!!!


Don't "Try" and get a prescription filled at Walgreens.The call center ALWAYS inputs incorrect info and it takes days to weeks to resolve proper insurance and/or billing mistakes they make in input.

Forget trying to get Brand name, they always default to generic even when the Doctor writes, Brand ONLY. The doctor has to write brand only medically necessary or they will code it incorrectly & your insurance will not cover the prescription.

Every month it's the same mistake even for the same prescription.Unprofessional, plan on average spending 2-3 hours trying to resolve their internal mistakes to get your prescription

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