Muskogee, Oklahoma

Our house hold has used Walgreen for our meds for 13 years. Yesterday, 10/5/2009, Walgreen's in Okmulgee, Ok.

forgot to fax my doc. for my meds! Today I called to see status on my meds. They didn't call, once again, my doc.

until 5:15pm. 10/6/2009. At this point, my wife and I are our of our meds. This is not a good thing.

My wife is seriously ill and can not be with out. Just what is the problem? Every month we wait about 1 hour for them to be filled! What is the problem?

We have also found that the med. count is anywhere from 5 to 10 pills short, almost every month. (Oxycontin) What is the problem? We used Henryetta Drug once before, and got our meds.

in 10 min. and was not short!

At this point, SORRY Walgreen's, you have lost two customers, and about $3,000.00 dollars per month. What is the PROUBLEM???

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pills.

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walgreens pharmacy workers are extreamly rude. I asked for emergency meds and got two pills.

I did not know that my doctor called in the prescription that same night and the manager of pharmacy wanted to charge me 18.00 for the two emergency pills.

Also that would not transfer my medication to CVS.I spoke to two store managers and they were no help at alllll. I don't recommend this pharmacy at to any one.

Shay from new Jersey


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