Sudbury, Massachusetts

Went to Walgreen's to return vitamins that my daughter took for two days. They hurt her stomach so I brought them back to Walgreen's. The guy john at the front register (very *** says you cant return these.

I ask to see the manager by the name of steven he takes his sweet time to come out from the back room. I tell him that the vitamins made my daughters stomach hurt. He is not even listening to me. He opens the bottle and says I can't take these back they have been opened. I said I am not returning them so you can resell them. You can give them back to the manufacturers. He was so *** rude!!! He shoved the bottle back at me and said in a stern voice. I CAN NOT TAKE THEM BACK!


I AM ALL DONE WITH WALGREENS!!! If you look at the other reviews you will see a lot of people are!

Only a matter of time till they are all done! :)

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

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I can't believe you are mad that he would not take a open bottle of pills back..HELLO.. How long did you argue with him before he started to be "rude".

Please I have worked in retail an I can tell you they probably saw you coming a mile away I know I did, right after the first sentence. Just because the vitamin does not agree with someone doesn't mean you can take it back. Does anyone not remember the Tylenol scare.

People make me laugh!! :grin :grin :grin


I can't believe people expect stores to take back edible, perishable stuff, just because the didn't want it.

Sure if it is bad,or somehow not fit for consumption as promised, but not just because it didn't agree with your stomach for chris'sake! Vitamins are hard on an empty stomach. The label tells you this.

I don't want to pay higher prices to cover people's *** purchases anymore. :?


***, they would have accepted them, you should have stood your ground, they do accept used returns as long as there is a valid reason and you did have a valid reason, you should have made bigger stink, they would have accepted it. Know your rights !