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I am currently unemployed and without insurance, and found myself in the Walgreens Take Care Clinic on a Sunday, after already being sick for over a week with plugged ears, sinus pain and head congestion. I knew I had a sinus infection and needed antibiotics.

Instead was diagnosed with "allergic rhinitis" (even though I had no sneezing, runny nose or any other allergy symptoms). They told me to use Zyrtec, Nasacort, MucinexD, and nasal rinse. And charged me $109 on top of meds. The next week I went back to Walgreens, because my PCP couldnt schedule me for that day, totally miserable.

Saw a different NP who prescribed Augmentin but no steroid for my sinuses. Charged me $89 on top of the cost of the script ($70). Ten days after that I wasn't any better. I finally got in to see my PCP, who immediately prescribed a Medrol pack and extended the Augmentin.

Five days after that, she switched me to Doxycyclene because by then the infection had sat in my sinuses for so long, it was like cement! I am still taking those meds and FINALLY feeling better. And the kicker is, seeing my PCP and paying out of pocket was half of what it cost me to see the people at Walgreens on my first visit! I have now been sick for over a month.

I will NEVER go to a Take Care Clinic, or any other similar clinic, again. Horrible and a waste of money that I didn't have to spend.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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It does not sound like your regular doctor was any better seeing as how you had to see him twice to get the proper treatment...


In all fairness, your doctor knows you, their clinic doc does not. 5 minutes with a stranger is not enough time to diagnose much of anything, and they basically go by what you tell them. Their main function is to set broken arms, diagnose the flu, prescribe routine medications etc.

Next time, if you do not agree with the ANP then say so.