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I took my 8 yr. Old son to a Walgreens takecare clinic this afternoon, and while I sat down to have the nurse practitioner on duty take more time and effort in hassling me about my college I.D (which clearly had my name and picture on it) I noticed that she had a large cardboard box open with a red biohazard bag inside of it that she was clearly using for everything sitting out labeled 'may contain sharps'.

Seeing as that there should be a plastic sharps container (not a cardboard box that can expose an individual to needle sticks and God knows what else) a container with a lid for biohazard waste and a container with a lid for normal waste, I made mention that the box should not be wide open and within reach of a patient especially a child. She then quickly made her way over to look in the box to see if she had any sharps in it before she opened her mouth to tell me that it was a safe practice to have that just sitting around.

I know better and evidently she has used such practices to dispose of needles in that cardboard box rather than a sharps container or she would not have taken such clear effort to check back behind herself. I do not reccomend this clinic to anyone considering the lack of clean practices in their office and hope that they resolve that issue promptly

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Good riddance!!


I would also like to note that we left promptly after making her aware of the situation. I went here for convenience but guess it goes to show covenient isnt always best and he has an appt.

With our fam.

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