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I'm a chronic pain patient who has been going to Walgreen's for 3 and a half years.

My local Walgreen's just hired a NEW pharmacist and She has put me through the wringer!

I'm in excruciating PAIN and NEED ALL of my pain meds.

One of my meds was on backorder, so I called the pharmacist almost every day to check on the status of the order. It took the pharmacist NINE DAYS to FINALLY tell me that I need to bring in a NEW script! (I'd been calling my doctor's office and he had sent them a couple of faxes trying to resolve the problem). Whenever I called the pharmacist, I was told some version of "We're working on it for you".

Then WHY did it take 9 DAYS before they told me I needed to get a new script from my doctor??? And WHY were they telling me, "We're trying to order it"?!

After 9 days of being jerked around, I finally drove to my doctor's office, picked up a NEW script, and brought it to the pharmacy. IT has now been almost TWO WEEKS and STILL no meds!

I asked the pharmacist if she had ordered the med. She has a very thick accent and I can barely understand half of what she says. I THINK she said that she tried to order it, but when she FINALLY called the distrubuter after waiting NINE DAYS, she was told that she had NOT filled out the C-II order form correctly!! "Everything needs to be filled in so exactly on these C-II meds", was her pathetic excuse.

Now, I have to start all over again from square one, when it's been nearly 3 WEEKS without my most effective pain med. From what I know of Walgreen's C-II orders, the wait is routinely at least a WEEK. I can't understand WHY it takes that long!

Should I file a compliant? A few people on an online message board have suggested I do so, but they are not in my shoes. In my town, Walgreen's really is the ONLY option. We used to have 2 indy pharmacies, but they both are closed. I know that Rite-Aid cannot get ALL of my meds, and I'm pretty sure the same is true of CVS, although CVS is not even convenient for me.

My mother has advised me NOT to file a complaint, for fear of ticking them off and therefore I wouldn't be able to get my meds.

I have had problems in the recent past where one of the pharmacists did NOT want to fill my scripts every 28 days, even though that's how my pain doctor writes them. I had to talk with this pharm a few times before she stopped hassling me, and haven't had a problem since.

I've seen how these pharmacists like to "play doctor" if they think someone is getting "too much" pain medicine or is ostensibly filling meds "too early", which was a total lie. The pharms arbitrarily decide whether or not they will fill your prescriptions. I said "You can call my doctor", and the pharm's haughty reply was, "*I* have the POWER to overrride anything that your doctor writes"!

If I file a complaint will it even do any good? Or will I just get blacklisted and retaliated against?

Since I don't have an alternate pharmacy near my house, I feel that I shouldn't make waves, as I am dependent upon these pharmacists to fill my meds each month.

I'd HATE to be known as the "B" who filed a complaint on them! I think I'd only file a complaint if I had an alternate pharmacy to go to, and I don't. SO I guess I'll just have to suffer increased pain levels due to their ignorance and apathy.

It is SO SAD what we chronic pain sufferers have to put up with! OVER TWO WEEKS to get a med in stock?! In the 21st century? The pony express would be faster.

Any suggestions as to what I should do would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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