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I shop at my neighborhood Walgreens on a regularly basis. I get my prescriptions filled there and even convinced my parents to switch from CVS.  This weekend I went in looking for hair color and was very disappointed to find out that this store does not carry hair color for women of color.  I was picking up a prescription and thought I could pick up my hair color at the same time.  I had to go down the street to Walmart to make my purchase.  On line I noticed that other Walgreens do carry these products, but only in the stores located in the "inner city ".  This was very disturbing to me.  Women of ALL ethnicities shop at this local Walgreens,  not just white women!  I should be able to pick up items that are relatively to my needs just as easy as white women and not have to drive down the road or to another walgreens 15 mins away.  If I have to leave Walgreens to go to Walmart to purchase items that others can readily buy that's geared to them, I should just move my prescriptions and my entire family's prescriptions to Walmart.  This was very disheartening and I hope that Walgreens will change this SOON.  My local Walgreens  is at 9209 Mansfield Rd, Shreveport,  LA 71118.

Very loyal but disappointed customer

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Unfortunately retail chains cater to what sells the most and to the demographics. If there isn't enough ethnic diversity in a particular area, they won't cater to it as it's not money in their pockets.

Walmart is bigger and thus can have extra supplies on their shelves without much of a loss in profit.

Now that you know this, you can either speak with a manager at Walgreens and explain how you feel, or decide to shop at Walmart. The choice is ultimately yours, luckily there are many stores to choose from.