Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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For years Walgreens has been a convenient and resourceful place to shop and fill prescriptions. At one point in time, I praised Walgreens.

Until the last four visits to the Walgreens Pharmacy in Dothan, Al were more painful than anything I have experienced in life. Let me tell you, I have been through a lot. Motorcycle wrecks, car wrecks, broken ribs, broken neck, broken nose, broken ankle, wrist, arm and multiple fingers. I have even had my knee cap ripped from my leg and none of it compares to the pain of dealing with Walgreens' staff.

They are the rudest, inconsiderate, intolerable, self deprecating *** I have ever dealt with. The pharmacy staff won't even hesitate to totally *** because they are having a bad day. I tried to call in a RX one day early, because I would be in class until 9:45pm the next night, and the scrooge of a pharmacist made sure I wasn't ever able to fill my prescription anywhere in town. I was kept from even transferring my RX.

They took my RX hostage. Seriously? You try filing a prescription at 9:45pm. The only way that was going to be possible was to try 45 minutes out of the way to go to a 24hr Walgreens.

My new life's purpose is to prevent as many people as possible from feeling this pain. What if it was my child that was sick?

Walgreens, my suggestion to you is fire you entire pharmacy staff at the Walgreens on Westgate and Main St in Dothan, Al.

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