Mount Laurel, New Jersey
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Walgreens Rt 73 in Evesham NJ. I will not be shopping at Walgreens ever again.

If you value your privacy don't shop there either. I bought a trimmer for $19.00 and it was broken. I tried to return it with the receipt which I paid cash for and Amanda asked for my number which I refused b/c it is unlisted. Then she asked for my ID and told me she cannot give me money back unless I give that to her.

If I don't want them calling me I sure as heck don't want them mailing me anything. I called the corp office and they told me it is up to the store's Discretion. I filed a complaint sighting the recent court ruling that states retailers may not ask consumers for their zip codes at time of purchase b/c it violates their right to privacy. Now if they are not allowed to do that, what makes Walgreens think they can ask for my number and ID.

If it is racist to ask for ID when someone votes for the U.S.

President - the highest office in the land ... What would you call what Walgreens is doing??

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Unlisted phone numbers are useless in today's world.


Well, they can always refuse to do a return. NO law says they must accept returns, and if you want a return, you do as they ask.