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After being told by the pharmicist that the drug was not in stock at any of their local stores, he suggested that I ask my Dr to change it to a similar drug my Doc had no problem changing it. After three months of filling the new script, only partially the last time, I went to three Walgreens stores and none of the stores have it either.

The other stores did not have the old drugs either. Why is it so difficult to calculate required stock? I have been on this for a few years and now I cannot get my scripts filled at walgreens stores. I also got a ration of *** from one of the pharmicists at a different store because I don't get my scripts filled at his store.

Well gee wizzz! If your store stocked what my doc prescribed I would not have to run to all the walgreens stores because that is what I love to do. Drive to all the local stores so I can waste my time. The pharmicists will not call other stores to find out if there is stock at a differnt walgreens.

The pharmicists at my local store does his best to help me but the other stores have a *** attitude and they really don't give a *** about their customers. I have to go out of town in a day from now for my daughters wedding, nuttin like not have the meds while I am away. Thanks walgreens stores. I use store and not pharmacy as pharmacies have the meds a person's doc prescribes for them.

Guess I am going to switch to CVS or go to my local street corner dealer.

Do I want walgreens to contact me? Sure if they think it will rectify my situation. I doubt they are willing to help and just give a lot of lip service like the time my wife had a similar issue.

The csr was so inept, I doubt she could have figured out how to pour *** out of a boot. 45 mins of a total waste of time.

We have been great walgreens customers for over a decade. I think it is time for a change.

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alot of drugs are on back order. you'll have the same issue at cvs. complain to the drug companies.