Fairfax, Virginia

I worked for Walgreens for 3 years and was forced to quit because of a threatening store manager.

The open door policy failed and retaliation followed.

Workplace hostility was constant at store. I was 57 when I lost my job and self esteem. I truly believed in company and was thrown under the bus when I asked for help from district manager on up to employee relations.

Walgreens isn't the pharmacy America trusts anymore

I am holding protests and boycotting in AZ and plan to attend shareholders meeting in January as I hold stock. Please do not shop there. They only care about revenue.

Employees are leaving in droves and customers are not getting proper service anymore.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

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Walgreens has its puppets that *** from work without clock in out while other employees do there job. Hesperia RD Walgreens in Hesperia .

@Jen Rodriguez

Jen Rodriguez *** from work to get her kid and does not clock out , must be nice , she's the one who does the scheduling how convenient for her since she's the Pharmcist Ida Puppet. That's at the Hesperia Store on Heaperia Rd .

(760) 948-7901 .

Corporate should look into this . Watch the videos happens all the time.


I was working at Walgreens in Sunset Beach until I walked out yesterday afternoon. Started there End of May.

On my one month anniversary, I was called into the office.Was told by the store manager that I was being "coached" because I was being too long with the customers. (The computers are excessively slow).

Then yesterday, another coaching. This time it was because I was out due to medical emergency (My throat started to swell shut-went to ER)

Walgreens doesn't give a Rat's about their employees- only the $$$.


I use to work for walgreens for 5yrs and they let me go because i didnt type enough prescriptions and they say it wad bring the numbers down, and now one of my co-workers has ms and she had a seziure a few weeks ago her brother called walgreens and told them she couldnt come in for her shift because she is having a seziure and is in the er well the pharamacy manager was calling and texting her asking her was she still able to come in for her shift cause they are short people!


I didn't work for walgreens very long. About 3 weeks.

Jackie, one of the Assistant Managers, was constantly accusing me of not using "branded salutations" (which, by the way, no matter how you say them sound trite and contrived). I was never given the 15 minute breaks (required by law). I was also told by another manager that I had to come in to work even though I was running a temp of 101.3 and throwing up). The final straw came in the middle of my last shift when Jackie told me that I was suppose to answer the phone and not hang up on customers.


No, walgreens (Menaul at Eubank in ABQ) does not care about customers or employees. They care about money and money alone.


I left after 7 years and being denied promotion based on no secondary education, even though I'd been doing the Assistant Manager job for 3 years as SIMS Coordinator and STL.


I worked for Walgreens for 11 years. I was let go because I refused to print someone's nude photos, that was in 2010. Now when I go in to my old store the only employees that are still t5here from when I Worked there are the store manager and two pharmacy tech.



I also Had to fight to get payed. I had to go to the labor bord to get what they owed me. They ended up paying me $1,800 in back pay :?


You should have transferred; Not everyone gets along, you should have known you couldn't defeat a high level boss like a store manager :P They're worth more than us merelings.


I asked for a transfer, and was refused. The manager is a bully and retaliation is the norm. I can barely move after everything I was forced to do yesterday, and have to go back in tomorrow.


i AGREE THEY ARE REFUSING MORE AND MORE PRESCRIPTIONS. Looks like they are cherry picking what they want to fill.