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Just wrote the following letter to my state's governor:

Dear Governor Haslam,

Walgreens pharmacy has warped your well intentioned "I hate *** law to attempt to add to their profit margin. The law states in section 2(d) "The pharmacist or pharmacy intern shall counsel with the person seeking to purchase the product as to the reasons for needing the product and may decline the sale if the pharmacist or pharmacy intern believes the sale is not for a legitimate medical purpose." Walgreens has just told me they cannot sell me Pseudoephedrine because I do not currently fill prescriptions at Walgreens, and that is Walgreens policy which they must enforce to be compliant with the new law.

My not filling prescriptions at Walgreens does not prove that I am purchasing the drug for illicit purposes. I was at their location on South Willow Ave. in Cookeville and spoke with the pharmasist on duty, Beth Branstetter. I explained that my wife was in bed in tears with pain up the side of her neck and in her ear from allergy congestion.

She said that because I did not fill my prescriptions at Walgreens, she could not sell me the medicine I know I needed for my wife, she could only make recommendations. She recommended a Phenylephrine product or Mucinex. I already know, and all the pharmacists and doctors I have asked about it agree, that Phenylephrine is a useless product that has almost no effect on serious sinus congestion. There is even an independent study that seems to support this : .

Everyone who bought this "replacement" for Pseudoephedrine was hoodwinked. Their hard earned money was spent on a product that no one even tried to prove worked until 2010, and the study finally at least lends some modicum of proof that this is true. I know I threw away 2 club store sized bottles of this product after several attempts to use it for sinus congestion symptoms for my family of 5 yielded no results whatsoever. As for Musinex, this recommendation for severe sinus congestion is just silly and frighteningly uneducated.

Musinex is an expectorant, not indicated for sinus congestion. As a matter of fact, the manufacturer has a website that recommends Mucinex D for sinus congestion. Guess what? THAT product contains psudoephederine, and is also behind the counter, unavailable to us who do not fill prescriptions with Walgreens.

I do understand that Walgreens is a private business and presumably has a right to not sell a product, but that is not the case here. They have it and simply refuse to sell it to anyone who does not fill prescriptions there. Why not just go some where else? Walgreens is the only pharmacy open late Sunday night in Cookeville.

My wife is the love of my life and I would die for her. I had to come home failing her, failing to bring home the only medicine that will give her relief from her symptoms, because Walgreens has created this policy, and told me that their hands were tied because of this new law, and that if I did not like it, I should write my Senator.

They really said those words to me. Meanwhile my wife lies in her bed in misery, unable to get relief from her symptoms until a pharmacy less concerned with making money than the welfare of their customers opens in the morning.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

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Very well spoken! Yes, what they are doing should be a violation. Walgreens has managed to get away with more and more discriminate actions each year and have an "above-the-law" attitude.


Great letter buddy...I applaud you for writing an intelligent letter! Unfortunately, it probably wont get 2 seconds of time in front of our governor.

Still, a valiant effort...I got turned down at a Kroger pharmacy by a PHARMACIST that was clearly a new guy trying to flex his newly granted "muscle" to refuse sales without consequence to himself. I had been suffering from nasal allergy issues for about a week and have used sudafed to control those issues for the past 20 years or so. A guy with a shiny, new, white pharmacy coat however, knows what I need better than I do, presumably due to the number of *** addicts there are somewhere in the state that I choose to reside in. What if the COPS assumed every person that wore baggy pants or a flat bill ball cap was a criminal?...why aren't these PHARMACISTS seen in that same light when they pre-judge people just because they want some medicine??

It's like alcohol...if you drink 1 or 2 drinks, it helps you to feel a little lighter, brightens your mood and helps ease minor pain until you can get to bed. Obviously if you abuse it, it can have terrible consequences, but you show your ID and you get to buy it and consume it without a second look. Sudafed helps get past some nasal congestion. If it's used properly then it helps make you feel better.

People shouldn't "assume" everyone is going to abuse it. COPS and PHARMACISTS drink alcohol.


*** !!!!!!!


Get a prescription.


Do you REALIZE what a problem *** is and how users treat employees get a grip open your eyes to a real problem were you wanting 12hr 20 wal- phed or 96 count come on did you exceed your state limit because if your wife was in that much pain she could have easily gotten a doctor to write an Rx for this medication.


I was very sick and was on muncinex d.When i went to check prices on it wallmart had it for 7 dollars cheaper That is a big differance in price for the same product.I did not have to fill my perscriptions there either.


You said that you were buying this for your wife? if you actually read the laws like you say you have, you would know that it is ILLEGAL to purchase pseudoephedrine for ANYONE other than YOURSELF!

I bet you were also asking specifically for 96 count too weren't you? Pharmacists are trained to spot these things.


I am a veteran receiving all my medical care through the VA hospital and therefore have all my prescriptions also filled through the VA. I am unable to have a prescription written by a VA dr.

and filled in a non-VA pharmacy. So when I was refused the purchase of Allegra-D for my severe allergies I was floored.

I don't have the ability to fill prescriptions at many veterans are in the same situation? I would have no problem providing my information to be included in a registry of sorts, but to be outright denied was ridiculous :(


one thing is for certain:those jerks at walgreens sure as *** aren't working on a commission pay plan :p


So you angry at Walgreens for obeying the law. Some nerve.


Dumb question: What if you are a person who does not take any Rx medication? I don't, so I wopuld be denied to buy Pseudoephedrine ast walgreens? Not cool, walgreens.


I agree there are a bunch of dumb assess at walgreens. They are not concerned about the customer.

They are only concerned about making money. It's not only walgreens, but every big chain pharmacy and retailer. They don't give a ***. If they lose one customer it's no big deal.

Trust me I know I work for one of these big companies. But I have a conscience and try to treat people how I would like to be treated.


maybe you just looked like a junkie that night :grin


It shouldn't matter what people look like that's racist as ***


1. It doesnt PROFIT anyone to turn away sales.

2. You are complaining that they are the only ones open? Wouldnt you then pay more to get what you need if they are the only place open?

No doubt it is frustrating. It certainly isnt EASIER to keep it behind the counter. Blame the laws, not the pharmacy. Or blame your pharmacy for not being open when you need them!


The reason they wouldn't sell to you is that Pseudoephedrine can have some serious side effects if mixed with some other medications. Since you do not fill prescriptions there, they do not know what other medications your wife is taking, and since she wasn't there to tell them, you were refused a sale rather than have a lawsuit on their hands for not preventing a serious drug reaction.

Get it at the pharmacy where you fill your prescriptions, then they can look up her drug history and see if there are any potential interactions


This is a load of bull! I can go take a bottle of acetaminophen that I bought from walgreens and kill myself, and my family would have no legal grounds for a law suit.

The whole reason for this bull is the same reason I feel about half the people that come into my ER. They're all evil little drug seekers. Well, in fact they are not. 99.9999999% of people seeking medicine are for legitimate reasons.

This is just cynicism on the part of health care professionals which sadly effects many of us...


You ***-

I'm not sure I follow the point of your comment. I read the law word for word and made no attempt to violate it.

I had my ID, I am not over the limit, I am willing to sign for it, and I explained to the pharmasist why I needed it, for symptoms for which doctors routinely advise taking psudoephedrine products. So, You ***, exactly what is it you think I missed?


Since the passage of the Illinois Methamphetamine Precursor Control Act and the subsequent Federal Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act of 2005, the purchase of pseudoephedrine in the United States is restricted. Sellers of pseudoephedrine must obtain and record the identity of the purchaser and enforce quantity restrictions. Some states may have more stringent requirements (e.g., Oregon, where a medical prescription is required to purchase any quantity of pseudoephedrine). Despite these restrictions, products containing the substance are still considered OTC in all states except Oregon, since no prescription is required.

CVS Pharmacy Inc. agreed to pay a $75-million fine and forfeit $2.6 million in profits on the unlawful sales of pseudoephedrine in California and Nevada in 2007 and 2008, according to federal prosecutors based in Los Angeles.

The penalty is the largest for a civil violation of the Controlled Substances Act, a 40-year-old law that is more often aimed at street dealers and narcotics traffickers.

In an effort to curb the production of methamphetamine, the Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act of 2005 required retailers to store PSE products behind the counter, check purchasers' identifications and limit sales to the equivalent of one package a day and three a month. Customers also had to sign for each purchase.

@You Dumb***

Yeah, the only people the combat methamphetamine act is benefitting is the mexican drug cartels who have actually ramped up production to keep up with the increase in demand due to the fact that the users are still going to get high. Trying to stop this is futile at best and joe taxpayer is so bamboozled by unclesam that *** blindly sign over his money to keep the streets safe, suckers.

It sure is expensive to keep even just one junky from using. Its $34,000 a year to keep em in jails.

Were willing to spend almost $40,000 a year to keep some junky loser from getting high. Good luck with that america, good luck