Livingston, New Jersey
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We have had SO many issues / mistakes with the pharmacy in this Walgreens it's comical at this point but so annoying! I finally said something to the manager of the pharmacy because yet again we were called & told a prescription was ready only to be told upon pickup that they would have to call insurance (they are always messing up our insurance / trying to use years old insurance etc.) - the drive thru man working offered to call my insurance & then call me & let me know when I could pick up the script . Shockingly he never called me ( sarcasm).

The pharmacy manager ( need to find his name) couldn't have cared less - so it is appanent where the *** customer service comes from- top down. He interrupted me repeatedly & did not care ( or perhaps understand as he was not listening!) that someone had not called back. I have babies & it isn't easy to pack them up & go places - I'd just like to not waste my time- over & over.

I've worked years in customer service before & know how rude customers can be, so I very rarely complain and when I do I am polite about it but the apathetic response makes me mad frankly. Even though they are the closest pharmacy to us we are definitely changing now- it's jusr been years of awfulness. :-(

I'm tired of companies / people who work in customer service treating people like *** I suppose simple because they can (?) and figure even if they lose some customers there are always more.

Excuse typos - on phone

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Customer Care.

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Hmm I wrote the above complaint - no idea why it says I'm from NJ! Lol!

I have lived in Vancouver my entire life. Excuse the typos/ spelling errors please ( on phone -guess I'm not that good at editing !)

Don't go to Walgreens pharmacy on 114th Ave in Orchards!! Forgot to mention they once majorly messed up a script & (again) didn't even say sorry! Why did we put up with them so long ?

Hope springs eternal ( of better service) I suppose ! ;-)