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If more people in America knew how badly this company treats a lot of its employees, Walgreens would be closing an even larger number of stores than it has recently. This is a company that places no value on human loyalty.

I worked for this company for (almost) 13 years. Until my final year of employment there, I always received very good evaluations and pay increases. Unfortunately, I became one of the (many) innocent victims of the company's massive scheme (back in 2012) to re-name Assistant Managers to Shift Leads. At the time, we were told we would have to take a 25% pay cut; but, that we would have the same job duties that we were doing as the Assistant Manager. Only thing that would change, would be that as a "shift lead" we would no longer have authority over any personnel who worked on our shifts. This boarders on being illegal. Unless labor law has changed, fairly recently, a employer can not cut an employee's pay unless they can demonstrate that the employee is being moved to a different position with less job duties.

Anyway, to make a long story short (or shorter)--I was transferred to another store a few minutes away, from the one I had worked in for eight years. I will say I was working in the Knoxville, Tn, area. And, NO, this is not a good area to work in (for Walgreens).

After I was moved to the different store, I was initially very excited about the new assignment. However, this situation deteriorated very quickly. I became a victim of harassment on the job. The store manager, daily, would berate me in front of other workers (often, other co-managers). My schedule would, suddenly, be changed (same store manager); and, I would not be given any notice until I showed up for work (and, then, had to leave and come back hours later on the same day). My vacation requests would be denied, at the same time the store manager and the two other assistants were getting theirs. And, on top of all of this, I suddenly started getting write-ups from the store manager.

In the prior 12 years of my employment with this company, I had never received one write-up. And, the write-ups were always over very trivial matters. After months of tolerating this, I finally filed a formal harassment complaint against the store manager. This is the same company that claims to have a "open door policy" for its employees. It's, also, the same company that was requiring its employees (around the years 2011 and 2012) to watch various videos on how workplace harassment would not be tolerated in its culture. All of this borders on being illegal. I can, definitely, say that employees were targeted--as I was one.

Even though I filed the formal harassment complaint, I never heard from the area District Manager--which is who my complaint was addressed to. I did hear from the area Loss Prevention specialist who interviewed me for two hours. This was about two months after I had filed the complaint.

Several months later, I still never heard any response from the area District Manager. The harassment, from my store manager, continued. I was, frequently berated and, even, humiliated in front of other employees. I was, also, very hurt that folks that I had worked along side--and a company that I had, truly, busted my butt to serve, could betray me in this manner.

Anyway, the harassment never stopped, I never heard a peep from the District Manager (months later); and, finally, things came to a head. The condescending store manager started in, yet, again; and, I finally had been pushed to my limit. I quit on the spot.

Again, this company places no value on loyalty. It deserves to have no one spending money at any of its stores any where.

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Thank you very much for this letter that is what is happening to me I'm a employee in florida My manager has been pulling me in the office every day for weeks over trivial stuff , don't trust anybody is my new word of the day. my schedule has been cut.

The favoritetisem in the store is down right wrong. Employees taking breaks all the time cell phones being used while ignoring the customer Shift leaders *** on their *** while customer storm out the door. the open door policy is a joke.

Walgreens treats all their employees like dogs. If I here one more thing about a survey I'm going to puck don't work for walgreens


So true.


something similar happened to me in June of 2016. after 18 years at the same store, no write-ups, customers loved me, suddenly I was confronted with an exaggerated version of a disagreement I had with an assistant manager and I was fired.

I am persuing a claim for age discrimination, as I think that was the reason really for this. Their new strategy seems to be firing older employees and replacing them with younger, cheaper ones.Saves a lot of money over time.


So sorry this happened. The world is full of ignorant illiterate trash. God will judge in the end