Jackson, Mississippi

I was diagnosed with MS about two years ago but have suffered with the symptoms for about five years. I turned in a prescription for Ibudone at my pharmacy I always use.

I go to pick it up two days later and they tell me there out. What!? They couldn't have told me sooner I guess. So they gave me my Scrip back.

The only other pharmacy in town was Walgreens. They take my RX and I go back two hours later, only for them to inform me they can't take new patients with a schedule 2 pain prescription. Are you kidding me!? It's now Friday and no one cares that I've been out since Thursday night.

I have taken this medication for years now. I could understaind if I was out of state or my doctor was but I live in the same city and so does my doctor. This was so Ridiculous and Uncalled for. they were the rudest people I have ever dealt with.

Lesson learned.

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your life not theirs. know your scripts!

what they are and what laws. laws have changed. your doctor or pharmacist should of told you. i know all the pharmacy's around me (cvs, walgreens and local) had it posted all over.

inform them they failed telling you. and keep up with your stuff.

Nevada City, California, United States #894342

Oh yeah.. rude is the word.and when the f did they become my dr, Dea agents and my medical records keepers!

The *** that screwed me was definitely racist and had a control issue for a Halloween night. Also he made himself very well known own and a *** to my regular pharmacy.

Calling them saying that my I'd was not valid and possibly fake???from what my cvs pharmacy told me when I returned. Wow..obamanation....

to rocko #895107

because people don't take care of their ***. not valid if it "expired". you are not worth their license or lively hood.

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