Lady Lake, Florida

My password to a online account for ordering prescriptions from Walgreens did not work. I had to reset the passcode.

This is the only site I have had problems with. To verify identity for my online pharmacy account, they asked if I had owned a specific motorcylcle with the complete model number. I have never given that information to them, and the only way they would know that information would be through credit report type information. The model number is lengthy, and I don't even remember it.

The second question was a former city I had lived in. They did not have the right to do this, or even have that information, and I consider this way out of bounds for any company. How dare they !!!! This did not involve a credit card.

This is simply checking to see if my prescription was ready for pickup. I am so angry, I can barely speak.

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Hold on to your skivvies and stop freaking out.

Occasionally, systems are coded in such a way that they will ask you security questions regardless of whether or not you set up security questions.

This is really a bug and is quite common.

PS. I hate to disappoint you, but most public records already contain your previous residence cities.


your mistake was taking a prescription to Walgreens in the first place. Never go there or WalMart. Anywhere other than those two places is better for accuracy of prescriptions, wait time and security.