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Walgreens Waunakee WI profiles paying customers of color.I was followed around the store by the front clerk and harassed. I was ask several time if I needed any help.

The front clerk followed me around the store was yelling at me in front of other customers because I told him that I didn't need his help and I didnt appreciate the fact that he continued to ask me can I help you every aisle that I was in he was behind me. the manger was called and I explained to him that I didn't like the way his clerk was talking to me and he told me what do I want him to do about it..... Now every time any one of color comes in to the store we are not treated with respect this same young white male clerk always make a seen when people of color enter the store. The first time this incident occurred the store had several other woman around my age or younger n the store he never asked them if they needed any help.

So when I told the guy no thanks I didn't need his help he told me he was doing his job and that if others like me didn't come in stealing he wouldn't be asking me if I needed help. It is ashamed that this young male is being backed up by the store management team to treat people of color this way. I hope someday these people realize that profiling is wrong. My spouse and I work very hard daily and we have no reason to take any thing from anyone.

Yet alone we would give our less to help others but to be profiled is just wrong. I hope this clerk feels better about himself and his color ever time he puts someone else down.

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