Pleasantville, New Jersey
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Well, I am a young woman who's currently in highschool and balancing what I was told to be a "part-time Job". Well little did I know I was going to be working 26 hours a week & working until 10 at night.

Which leaves zero time for home work and studying is completely out of the question, not to mention the uppermanagment is all a bunch of fuckarounds that don't know there *** from a *** hole in the ground. I hate this place the costumers are obnoxious and rude but that's just most public in general the co-workers aren't the friendliest, and I'm lucky if I ever get a break, My manager was complaining that she was hungry so it was about 7:30 at night and I still didn't have one break yet and she goes and dissapiears for a good 45 *** minutes and enjoys a pizza to her self with my other co-workers.

so by the time she comes back and everyone is back from there long *** breaks she rudely tells me I can now take my break but I have to make it fast because we're working short tonight mind you it's now 8:30 at night and I'm JUST getting a dinner break. I'm sick of this place I hate hate hate it it sucks if you're thinking about working here forget it MCdonalds would be better then this *** hole *** I HATE YOU WALGREENS!

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wow so why u have a job...let me tell you i was in high school and was working for walgreens at the same time getting the same hours as you and i didnt break a sweat it was fine so honestly something is just wrong with u


Well said. Good warning to anyone who is looking for a job.


Here's an idea.. Stop being a b**** and get another job.

And I'm the manager who worked with you, you only had to tell me u didnt eat. Nice place to post negatively.


Quit then, when you got a job did you expect it to be fun and games. Also give some of your shifts to others.

"Ray of Sunshine there is no way this girl is 18. From her atttitude I would guess she is four.


Stop *** and complaining. If you can't work a measley 26 hours and get your homework done, then quit!

Find a job where you only have to work 10, if you can handle that. I'm sure they told you what time the store is open til at night. And you said ok.

So cry to someone else. Lots of people would kill fpr your job.


you think working 26 hours a week there is bad?! Try doing 40 hours at the walgreens photo lab and being a fulltime college student.

If you made friends with co-workers and quit *** then you'd be in the break room eating with them. You know how annoying it is to be in the middle of something and have to go cover some cashier's break who doesn't thank you because they are too busy ***?

Try being stuck there till 11pm because the cashier that night didn't do thier job. Quit if you're so miserable, there are many willing to take your place.


If you dont like your job quit. There is a hundred people waiting for it.

Let me guess you are all of 18, cause adults wouldnt have to cuse every other sentence. And I'll take a #1 will a coke you little fry girl