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I worked as the Senior beauty advisor for almost 9 years and had to quit immediately do to being a victim of domestic violence and then having anxiety attacks more than 4 times a day,I then turned into an alcoholic but got professional help after quitting and hitting rock bottom,I better my life and after 5 years,I decided to try to go back,I went in an had a wonderful conversation w the currant store manager and he seemed to be excited to have me back,I wanted to go back not only for the income or benefits but because of the love I had for the daily routines and gettingto know customers and bonding with coworkers,iI shared that I was willing to be flexible with any hours or days of work and showed my sincere acknowledge toward my mistake of adruptly leaving and asked for another chance and assured them they would not be disappointed, I gave my all while working there and would rate myself 85%for outstanding customer service and after 3 monthsof them telling me ttheirs no hours to try another store and the manager said he would back me with support to him then saying a part time student wanted to come back and he liked and knew her and she had seniority when I was the one who worked for so many years,to getting declined by two store managers one they said they didn't have the hours and I didn't do well in the interview I hadn't worked in so long and wasn't even told they were interviewing me they said come in to talk and the other said because of my availability and because of history,I told them I was willing to work any hours and days???? and my history/is in the history and as far as I'm concerned they really don't know what customer service is when hit in the face with it!!! Keep on goingthe way you are,walgreens you have no iempathy for human rights!!!!

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Your ego sounds larger than your retail skills. IF you were as great as you say, you wouldn't have any trouble being taken back.

You rated YOURSELF as having 85% for outstanding customer service, but there is a really good chance that you didn't have that high of customer service rating. Everybody rates themselves higher than their supervisors do. The part time student does have more recent seniority than you do. The seniority that you had before you up and left with apparently no notice doesn't count.

IF you have to work for the reasons you stated, apply at other stores and don't brag about your qualifications.

Just state that you had so many years of retail experience before you had to quit for health reasons. Walgreens isn't the only retail business in the world.