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I put up with 2 and half years of harassing hostile work enviroment from a fellow coworker with multiple complaints to mgr about her behavior. She would get.called to office, get.talked to then she reverted back to same behaviour.

As her mgr for year and half she continued her.attitude and constant drama. She was allowed to continue her behavior not onlh with me but other coworkers. She.was reported, had official write ups by me and others only to have them found in trash. She constantly had huge cash.shortages that turned out to beher cashing out the receipt as customer tried to pay with debit card.

She handed the customer receipt, they walked out, she got extra training all rhe way up to may 2015.

So why is it walgreens allows the good hard workers to be.harrassed and have a hostile work enviroment while she obviously gets away with zero.tolerance policies? I wasnt only person to make formal complaints against rhe.coworker but she still there, still allowed to mistreat those she works with while these employees are told to just overlook her or just ignore her attitude.

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Concord, California, United States #1016364

She needs to be encouraged to move on. People like that stress everyone else out.

Nothing is worse than dreading going to work because of a bully like her. I dealt with one for over 15 years. She is finally leaving after much prayer about dealing with her.

But for your own sanity you may want to move on. Sometimes people are just not a team player.

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