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I am very sick and take two strong C11 narcotics, under the direction of a pain management specialist, M.D. I went to Walgreens to get both prescriptions filled at the same time.

Both were for 120 pills. After waiting 40 minutes, was told the wait would be 20 minutes, I was handed my prescriptions. I paid and proceeded to walk out of the store with my sister who drove me. As we walked out of the store, I opened the bag for a quick look, and could not believe what I saw.

Both prescription bottles had the caps laying on top of the bottles, and each bottle only contained 20 pills. The scripts were for 120. I quickly returned to the pharmacy counter and demanded to speak to the pharmacist. She came to the window and looked startled.

She quickly darted to the back, and after 10 minutes returned with the bottles, now each containing the correct amount of pills, 120. I asked her what happened. The pharmacist said "this was a counting machine error". Okay..

whatever you want to call it. Gee can't they even admit they made a mistake and apologize. What is most alarming is that if I had not checked my bag, and gone home and discovered the mistake, I would have been out of luck since the scripts were for C11 narcotics. I have to wonder if the pharmacist isn't a junkie who wanted the pills for him/herself and if the asst manager isn't in on it.

No one offered an apology, they just wanted me out of their store as fast as possible. As an interesting sidenote- while I was seated there waiting for my prescriptions, a delivery person came with their food, and the pharmacist left her "post", yelled to everyone, "the food is here". She proceeded to speak to the food delivery person for 10 minutes, and looked over the food as she handed it to the pharmacy techs. This was happening as many people were waiting for their prescriptions.

If the pharmacist had paid as much atention to the prescriptions she was filling as she had the food that was delivered, I don't think there would have been any errors.

Last time I set foot in a Walgreens. You've lost a valuable customer.

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The mistake was clearly on thier behalf and i can assure you that, and they should have offered a sincere appology! how ever im not sure about other states but here in texas all CIIs are kept in a safe they are hand counted and double counted and at some locations ive known the pharmacist to tripple count them to check the tech!

this sounds to me like a typing error the doctor wrote a number sign next to the quantity probably pretty sloppy #120 the one probably blended in with the number sign causing the technician to enter the prescription for a quantity of 20! but it is the pharmacists job to catch these errors before filling occurs and if the writing is absolutly illegable they should call the doctor to verify it to insure that the quantity is correct. as for eating in the pharmacy, there have been many times i have gone with out a lunch break or bathroom and so we will order a pizza or something and put it in the back and take turns when we get the slightest break to grab a *** in between working! cant go 6-8hrs on an empty stomach!

and sometimes you gotta make do! its alot easier than being away for lunch and short staffed!


1. They should have apologised for their mistake


If they skipped leaving the store to take a lunch break that ought to tell you something about their work load that day. *** you never actually have to work for a living and listen to people *** b/c you want to eat or, God Forbid!, go to the bathroom.


I happen to be a pharmacist at Walgreens. Mistakes happen - we are still human. Yes, the pharmacist should have apologized for the mistake. Yes, the pharmacist should have been more careful with the prescriptions since they were CIIs. However, I will repeat - pharmacists are still human.

Also, Chill is correct - the pharmacy staff is entitled to a lunch break.

I think it is silly to write off an entire company based on one mistake.


The counting machine's fault??? Don't believe it!! I've been a pharm tech for 20 years and CII's are ALWAYS hand-counted and usually by the pharmacist because they are kept in a special locked area and only the pharmacist has the key.


:grin you people really are living in the dark. It has been proven that most of our pill heads are in the med.

prof. grow up.


Oh please, people like yourself are just drug abusers lay off the pills you just cant remember that you've taken them


I'm sorry to here You were treated so poorly Rightconsumer. Call the district manager by calling the refill line and getting an operator they will give you the 1800 number for complaints.

I'm sorry you are sick and how dare these fools blame the customer and not the people who made the mistakes. Walgreens Pharmacy is not doing their job by not checking the scripts before they hand them to you and thats bull about the Prada Machine if the Machine were perfect we wouldn't need the pharmacist! Well if Walgreen's Pharmacists know this check to make sure the scripts are correct it is their license on the line. I would follow through on this Rightconsumer don't let these idiots act like its your fault.

1st complain to Walgreens 1800 #, then the pharmacy board, the BBB, the attorney general, and change pharmacies asap! Also if they broke any Hipaa Laws file a complaint and the pharmacist will be fined and so will Walgreens. Its bad enough to be ill without being ignored and discriminated against because if you get pain medication you are guilty until proven innocent! Tasha, shame on you!

Tasha jealous much?! You don't know this person so how dare you judge you insipid, lazy girl! GROW UP AND WALK A DAY IN PAIN YOU *** *** GIRL. Please stand up for yourself Rightconsumer and report those who work for you!

They only have a job because of us. That pharmacist should be reported and held responsible for her mistakes as well as her ignoring you! Shame on Walgreens and quit blaming the Prad Machine,Webbed2,The pharmacy is responsible to do their job to the best of thier ability! Also Rightconsumer contact disabilty advocates in your area.

You should find there number on the Web for your state and city and it doen't hurt to let you congressman know how your being treated at Walgreens. Not my pharmacy anymore after 25 years. I had enough abuse and have done everything I am recommending to you.

It is hard to be your own advocate but your worth it and if you don't complain nothing will change they will just keep blaming the machine! :grin


Mistakes do happen everyday. It was correct to check on your prescriptions immediately.

Every controlled substance is "counted"...it would have been obvious to the pharmacist that they were 100 pills over.

I feel that often people with chronic illness issues are a disenfranchised group of people. Have some kindness when responding to these posts.


"tasha" Perhaps your spelling could be improved. You are obviously a "troll" on these sites seeking out people to degrade. Get a life!!!!!


You are most likely the junkie. ***.

Learn hot to punctuate!

Also, from your obvious lack of education, you haven't mastered capitalizing the first letter of a sentence. Get an education ***.


or perhaps you are the junkie and wrote the prescription for yourself. honestly they made a mistake you want an apology. are you going to frame it.


The time frame you had to wait was not the fault of the store or staff. Prior authorization for insurance has to go through for narcotics.

You did the right thing and checked your bags.

They use a machine called a Prada that counts and divides up the meds. It has its faults.


You are really lucky that they fixed the error. I don't know what state you live in, but in my state, if you walk away from the pharmacy counter without checking your rx and it is wrong, you are S.O.L.

Be grateful that they corrected their error. As an aside, the pharmacy staff is entitled by state law to have a lunch break. So you had to sit a while.

Cut them some slack. If were working an 8-12 hour shift, wouldn't you want to take a lunch break?