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I posted a letter for Walgreens called "Rude Pharmacists" and some crybaby posted that I was being so rude to other so the moronic moderators have disabled the response. So I have to waste ten minutes rewriting the *** letter and the have also banned me so I have to not only create another username but I have to create a new new account to rewrite my letters because the moderators of pissedconsumer are idiots and so is the one and only member who disagreed with me.

I have told them I did not post a comment under my username and you know what those dumb moderators said. That the IP address of the rude response to other members as well as the letter match. What the *** does that mean? Just because the IP address matches does not mean that I am the same user as the ones who posted the rude comments.

I will still be using my username and I tell you anyone except for me because I realize I am wrong. Everyone who posts a complaint here are *** I have to rewrite my letter you *** thanks for reporting me.

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Considering what I've seen on this site, I'm wondering if the claims of people reporting the comments and such and those reports actually having any effect are actually true. I mean, 4chan's mods take their site more seriously than pissed consumer's do.




My man t*i*t*s bring all the kids to the yard...


By the way, I forgot to mention. I'm going to stand here and jiggle my enormous man t*i*t*s until the moderators apologize to my majestic self.


Can anyone teach me how to copy and paste so I don't have to spend another 10 mins typing out my next review? Please?


I never considered there might be a need for a site for complaints about a complaint forum! Far out!

Walgreensvucks, the moderators didn't ban you because they thought you were rude -- they banned you because they don't like you, that's all. Also, Tasha works at CVS, not Walgreens -- maybe you are confused?


Don't worry walgreensvcks, its alright. We're here for you.


Thank you for accepting my apology, the doctor says it may take a few more months to find the right dose, but I feel my head is slightly more clearer today, I don't see Tasha's everywhere I look and, I know what I have done is unforgivable but I hope you'll all be my friends now.


I forgive you WALGREENSSUCKS, I understand. We all have our bad days. I hope your doctors figure out your medication soon, I wish you all the best.


I just wanted to tell you guys that I'm really sorry for all the multiple reviews I have put up. I was having a very bad day and shouldn't have text on a screen get to me so much...

My head wasn't in the right place, I don't go out much and the internet is the only place I can go to, to make friends. I'm really sorry to Tasha and the others as well. I may make some more angry comments and abuse you all, but that is just my way of showing you that I care.

My doctor still hasn't quite figured out my drug dosage yet, but when he does, I promise that I will have valid complaints that make sense, and I will be a better person.

Once again... I am sorry.


WALGREENSSUCKS is right, everyone who posts a complaint here are morons.... isn't that right WALGREENSSUCKS? Here's looking at you babe.


It is so obvious that the OP is on some serious medication, or not taking enough. Even funnier...

I'm not Tasha, I just want us all to change our names to this so we can further freak this person out. : )


wow what is your issue? nobody who cares about your problems is reading this site anyway