Vancouver, Washington

This is not the first bad experience I have had at Walgrens, but the difference is this time I am reporting it. I brought in 2 prescriptions together, one was filled, the other was apparently lost and they had no record of it.

The next morning I called my doctors office who asked if I could have the pharmacy call them, so I called the pharmacy, explained to the woman on the phone the reason for my call, letting her know the doctors office had been made aware of this situation, and at the counter while on the phone with her, she finds the prescription and makes a joke about it getting lost in the twilight zone and says they will fill it and get it ready for me. Now I am wondering, considering this is a small town, how many people saw my prescription sitting there? I feel violated. I have used this pharmacy since I moved to this town (about a year and a half now) and I have several prescriptions on file with them.

Also, every time one particular pharmacist is working when I pick up my monthly medications, I feel judged by him. When he is not there, I am in and out, no judgmental looks or comments. One of my monthly 5 prescriptions is a pain medication, and when I pick that one up when he is there, I get looked up and down and feel like I need to explain to him that I have been through 3 surgeries and have a degenerative spinal condition and show him my MRI report! I am very upset with this Walgrens and feel it needs to be exposed how some customers are treated.

Losing prescriptions to profiling is not professional nor ethical in my opinion. I am tired of it and will be changing pharmacies next month, per the advice of my doctors office who agreed that this Walgrens is not a pharmacy they are happy with. I used this pharmacy because they are 5 minutes away from my house and have been using Walgrens as a pharmacy for years...but NO MORE! I will also mention that 3 months ago, they messed up the dosage on another one of my monthly medications.

If I would not have noticed, there is no telling what could have happened. 2 thumbs down to Walgrens!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

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To the above comment: Wait until you have to lose some of your health, maybe you will get cancer, go through a major surgery, lose your ability to do the things in life you enjoy now and there is nothing you can do to control it, nothing, just live with will remember your comment then. I promise you.

You may think you know everything but your ignorance is so obvious, when you fall, you will fall hard. Are you just on here to attack people because you yourself are from a small town so you have nothing better to do than gossip?

Sorry to inform you: You are not the center of the universe yourself. Gossip amongst your own kind.


STOP REPOSTING YOU D0LT!!! You already posted this under the name Standingupforallourrights.

Not too mention I call this story bogus. Thats the real reason you chose to stay anonymous.

Stop trying to use your so called disability as an excuse for your ignorance and stupidity. Boo hoo hoo quit whining like a big baby and get over yourself because the world doesn't revolve around you.