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I had been on fentanyl patches but have not been using them due to them leaving a huge welt on my skin. I am also taking an extreme small amount of a pain killer.

Both these were for a back that needs to be operated on badly and I have been going from specialist to specialist to look for someone who will do surgery. I have thus far been turned down for surgery due to the reason that either I will die or be disabled if the surgery is done. Then both my knees are out and I am bone to bone on both knees. I am in severe pain but am using a minute amount of pain pills.

Just recently I had to go see a dentist for a tooth that has broken off well into the gum line and is hurting more than just badly. The dentist gave me a script for pain meds and for antibiotics short term. I was grateful to get those for my tooth., When I wen to get this filled at Walgrens they pharmacist canned the dentist and told him I have a script for fentanyl and hydrocodone. I had not tol the dentist anything because I have not been taking either the fentanyl or the hydrocodone.

I did need the hydrocodone for my tooth. The pharmacist at the Walgrens took it upon herself to call my dentist and tell him that I was on fentanyl patches and hydrocodone and the dentist, rather than calling me then voided the script so now I still have a tooth that is killing me and nothing to use for that tooth unless I use the same minute amount of pain pills that I have for my back and that is not enough to kill the pain of the tooth. I was and still am furious with Walgrens. these are two different doctors in two different fields with two different script usage that she took upon herself to openly accuse me of taking two scripts of pain meds.

One is for my back and I am not using that for my tooth and that amount is not even enough to kill the pain in this tooth but the dentist still goes on and voids the script due to what the pharmacist says. I was livid. Now I have no idea of where that script is and what the pharmacist did with it so she could have just used the script for herself for all I know. What in the world would make any pharmacist think that a dentist would give a script for pain usage for anything other than a tooth?

The other meds is what I was getting long before the dentist so it is not like I have ever gotten a pain script from a dentist any time within the last 5 years. I was furious. now that dentist never called me nor did the pharmacist talk to me on this. That leaves me with absolutely nothing for pain right now because I have had to use the pain meds on my back for my tooth.

I am not happy with Walgrens pharmacy nor the pharmacist there. What make Walgrens think they have the right to play doctor and report something so trivial as this? I did not give them permission to discuss my meds with any other person and that is, to me, a HIPAA violation. My meds should not be discussed with anyone without my permission.

I have an appt with the pain management doctor next week and will be discussing this whole incident with him and from now on will not be getting any meds filled at Walgrens as they are too loose and free with discussing my meds with other people without my permission. This now olaces me in an awkward situation because I was supposed to have surgery done next week on my tooth and that dentist will not give me any meds for a tooth that is broken off so I will not have that surgery done due to what Walgrens has now done. They have conpromised my health due to their hang ups on pain medication. I am a 70 year old woman so maybe they should go get the people who are truly abusing pain meds and leave the older people alone and stop treating us as if we are drug addicts like Walgrens did to me.

They have certainly shown me what they truly are and I will no longer be using them in any necessity whatsoever. Not even for any other health or drug. items. I would advise anyone who is going to Walgrens to watch what they are doing and if you have a scriot for a controlled substance you had better watch what Walgrens is trying to do to you and who they are giving your information out to before you have anything filled there.

They are very carefree about giving all your information out to anyone you do not want it to be given. This little blonde bouncy bubbly giggly girl who was so carefree in this pharmacy is a backstabber so watch her. She will definitely go straight behind your back and she knows absolutely nothing. She is the most ignorant pharmacist I have ever met.

I took college pharmacology.

She will truly compromise your health and welfare and make you look as if you are a drug addict while she is laughing and stabbing you in the back when doing it.. For now I am filing a claim with the DEA in what this Walgrens has done and continues to do to people.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Hydrocodone Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: insulting my character and placing my health in jeopardy.

Preferred solution: I want this pharmacist to call me and apologize what she has done and call the dentist back and tell him what she did was wrong.

I didn't like: Up set.

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M'aam, one more thing - I have found that differing pain medications "speak" to different types of pain, and I have had numerous doctors confirm this. Having been both a long term pain management patient, and one who has had dental problems later in life, I found that for myself opioids (specifically Methadone and hydrocodone) were NOT effective in reducing my dental pain.

However, I found that over the counter Ibuprofen WAS effective specifically on tooth pain. You may want to try some different OTC pain meds to see if this is the case for you. You should consult your physician or the dentist on this, and leave time in between tests of different medications to eliminate cross effects.

Don't forget about good old aspirin as well - if a problem includes inflammation, opioids won't touch the root cause of the pain, whereas aspirin can kick it's butt. It wasn't called THE wonder drug of the 20th century for nothing (along with Penicillin).


I am also a long term pain management patient. What the other posters have said on this entry is entirely correct.

I know it seems like they are against you - but they really are trying to save you. Pain management does not work like you are trying to use them. When you take an opioid (or even the non opioid pain management drugs), it works on the pain center in your brain - not at the source of pain (except for a few exotic ones). Therefore, the same medication will work on your tooth pain AND your back pain all at the same time.

If the amount of meds you have been provided is insufficient for the month, you need to go back to your primary care provider (or your pain management provider) and get them to help. The dentist AND the pharmacy can get into trouble for NOT denying this prescription once they know about this situation.This scenario is exactly the #1 scheme drug addicts (including my ex wife) used for years to feed their addictions from legitimate sources. It is THE reason that we (legitimate pain management patients) have such issues nowadays getting our legitimate scripts filled. As this has caused a LOT of problems for people who really don't need more problems in their lives (maybe even you), I agree with the pharmacy and dentist in this case.

Go through the steps correctly, and get your scripts from the single source your pain contract requires. Sooner or later, it WILL end up saving your life...


If you are a pain contract with a pain management doctor you have to disclose all narcotics. The dentist also as to be informed of any narcotics that hat you are taking.

You can not have a stock pile of narcotics in your possession. Even if they were from valid doctors orders you can still go to jail for having too many narcotics in your possession. The Pharmisist was doing her job in informing both doctors of the two narcotics. There have been cases of patients overdose because they did not inform their two separate doctors of the medications they were taking.

On the form that you sign at the beginning of any doctors appointment you must list the medication that you are on. If you did not inform your denyof your pain meds that is on you. You falsely reported no medication when in fact you do take narcotics from a pain management.

The Pham has a legal obligation to disclose this and they also have a legal obligation when a doctor says to distroy the prescription. Don’t blame the pharmacy for doing their job when you are the one that caused the problem in the first place.


You won't appreciate or understand this, but they are trying to save your life. You "Had to use your back pain Meds on your tooth"?

Did you pass your college pharmacology class? You can DIE from opioids.

If you are not selling your prescription meds instead of taking them, giving you more can kill you. Please seek help.

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