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I am totally disgusted with Wallgreens!!! You have stolen from me and are not willing to do anything to remedy the situation!

I purchased a BLU starter pack from store #07206 and found that the batteries did not work. I went to the store and they said that they were not willing to give me a exchange on the faulty merchandise. They said I had to call corporate and that corporate would at least give me some kind of gift certificate or something. I just got off the phone with your customer representative, and like the person at the store, was unwilling to do ANYTHING about it!

This is stealing!! You are using the convenience of saying that it is state law not to give refunds. Well, first off, their is no sign anywhere saying that you do not give exchanges or refunds on electronic cigarettes. Secondly, your corporate customer rep said it is written on the back of the receipt, IT IS NOT, your own customer rep was BS'ing.

Even if it was on the back of the receipt you sound *** saying that because you get the receipt AFTER the purchase! It is like saying here is the contract after the deal is made. I am so sick of people not wanting to take responsibility! Wallgreens is all about "its corporate policy" or "the system does not allow us to do that".

We do not live in a world of men anymore, people just like Wallgreens, are content to rip off customers and just blame policy, or the system, or another department, or the government, etc. Nobody at Wallgreens has the courage to sayyes, it is our problem selling you faulty merchandise, here is your replacement or store credit, etc... What would happen if everybody did what Wallgreens does? Can you imagine, I could tell all the people I pay bills to "sorry, it is family policy not to pay in cash, we have a barter system so their is nothing I can do about it".

Yes, if we all took a page from Wallgreens, bills would not get paid, wrongs would not be righted, What if I went into Wallgreens and started opening merchandise to taste, try or smell and told the store staff "it is my policy to sample the products before I buy them to make sure I like them". Yes, what if starting now, I decided to go into all the Wallgreens stores I could find, and opened item after item, just to see what it was like? Like a 40 dollar bottle of vitamins here, a 30 dollar toy their, a bag of dog food, bottles of shampoo, candy bars, etc... Having to take all kinds of stuff off shelves because the wrapper, box, of container have been opened.

It would get expensive! If Wallgreens can avoid being responsible adults and business people with ethical standards, then why cant their consumers do the same? So in summary I am going to post this on every possible blog I can and obviously by word of mouth tell all that I can about this situation. You corporate customer rep after telling me that she would not do a thing to remedy this situation AND again, saying that policy is on the back of the receipt which is NOT true, ended by saying "is their anything else I CAN HELP YOU WITH TODAY?" What a sarcastic thing to say!!

She presumes that she helped me with the first issue which could not be further from the truth. Instead she should say, "is their anything that I can do to shift responsibility to you or the government or anybody else regarding another Wallgreens purchase?"

Monetary Loss: $36.

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Try going to WALLmart they may have better service.

And anonymous yeah I know I spelled Walmart wrong.


You can't even spell "Walgreens."


Wow you have some nerve to complain about them not being responsible adults when you go and throw a temper tantrum. I agree with the poster you act like you are still two.


You sound like you are two years old. They did not STEAL from you you are just too childish to follow directions.