Los Lunas, New Mexico
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Went in the WG with a friend to buy tequila. She is 62. I am 55. A snarky 20 something demands that we both show an ID. I walked out of the store and he refused to sell to my friend. Why would two adults even need to show an ID. The store has signs posted that state they card people under 40. We were both over 50. The store lost at least 50 dollars in sales plus all the sales they will never again receive from me.

I will never go in a WallGreens again.

End Fascist Corporate Policies Now

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Because it's the law and store policy to show ID for any alcohol.

Why did you two make it such a big deal, and if anything it's a compliment, maybe you two look under 40.

Stop complaining.


Policy is policy. Either show your ID or go somewhere else, it's not rocket science. Why must the elderly make such mountains out of mole hills?


As a previous employee at a walgreens, they are required to ask for ID. Store policy.

If we are even seen not doing so its instant termination. How about instead of being a dickhole and calling the cashier names you could idk, just give a *** ID. It isn't that hard.

Takes like 3 seconds for you to get it out, them to scan it, and you to get your *** liquor. Maybe try thinking of someone else besides yourself for once.