I had to do a transfer and moved near this Walgreens. So I hop in with my medication, hand it to them, and tell them exactly that. The lady looks confused, says something about not being able to do it. Her coworker immediately gets annoyed, hands her the transfer slips, tells her to fill one out, and says, "C'mon, you know how to do this."

So she takes a few minutes to fill it out, gets her coworkers help at some point, and sends me off. I get a text later that day saying my prescription is ready (Wednesday). Great! I'll have to pick it up mid-day Friday because I don't have enough time otherwise.

I show up on Friday and they scan it. $35! It should be $8. So I say, "Whoa, that's too much. Did they not transfer my insurance?" (I'm new to this whole adult thing). They say that, no, my insurance doesn't get transferred by the previous pharmacy. They ask if I have my insurance card. "No, I don't own one. It's very difficult to get a new one from Tricare when you don't have all the sponsor information."

GUESS WHAT? They don't take Tricare! Awesome! I tell them I'm not gonna shell out $35 for something that should cost $8. They suggest another pharmacy nearby. I ask if they take Tricare there. They don't know.

So now I get to walk all over town trying to get my medication that I need by the next morning. Awesome. When all they could have done is gotten my insurance information two days prior when I showed up.

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How are they going to know what insurance other pharmacies take? Being new to this adult thing is no excuse to not think before you say or do things.

Get an insurance card on you or pull it up on your phone.

Stop blaming the world for problems. Learn to ask questions and stop being a baby.


Wow. You obviously ARE new to the whole "Adult" thing.

And you are failing at it spectacularly.

Grow up - or PAY a babysitter to take care of things for you. No one is going to do to it for free but your Mommy.


1. You don't carry an insurance card?

Are you expecting everyone else to investigate for you?

2. You didn't ask if the pharmacy accepted your insurance before handing over your prescription?


...Kindaaa doesn't sound like anyone's problem except yours.


And you just wasted mine

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