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Went to the er with a sinus infection so bad I thought i was having an aneurysm. Took a script for antibiotics to Walgreens and was told it would be ready in an hour and a half.

This is my regular drug store and they have had me as a customer for as long as they have been open. I gave them 5 hours. When I went to pick up my script, I was told they were out and I would have to come back tomorrow. I said, "I have an infection.

I have to start these meds today." The pharmacy tech said she would call another Walgreens. OF COURSE! Something they should have done during the five hours they had to fill the script, or maybe they could have called me to tell me they didn't have this drug! So then the tech came back and told me she had called two other Walgreens and they didn't have the drug either.

I said, "keep calling" tech said "I can't be on the phone all night." So at 8pm I'm supposed to find a pharmacy that can fill my antibiotic prescription because Walgreens couldn't, nor could they call me to tell me they couldn't, nor call the doctor to tell her they couldn't, nor problem solve in any way whatsoever!

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Pardon me duh, but he did go to the hospital and a sinus infection is not viral, it is bacterial. Walgreens should have phoned him and told him they were out of stock, not just let the issue go and then have the customer go to get his meds when in actuality there were no meds to get.

A sinus infection is dangerous, not to be taken lightly. RgBt9


Dont forget where you are going to fill you prescription. A multi-billion dollar company that tells the pharmacist they will help to fill 60 prescriptions while they actually fill 100-120.

Most people working in the pharmacy want to help you but cant because they can hardly/barely fill the load they are given.

If you want TRUE customer service go to a private should never happen there. because you business is valued

But want to go to a BIG company because they sell better antibiotic or has a commercial on tv every 5 mins.


Antibiotics take several days to even begin working. Then they take several weeks to completely destroy the infection.

Besides, it sounds like you had a viral infection, for which anti-biotics are often prescribed due to miss-diagnosis, or "just to be safe", but are known to not have any affect on a virus at all.

If you were in immediate need of emergency medical care, like you want everyone to believe, then a hospital would be glad to help you.

Otherwise; take your prescription somewhere else, if you live near a Walgreens, then it's safe to say there are several places nearby that also offer prescription pill services.