Englewood, Colorado

I go to Walgreens and bring up two boxes of generic Clardin D since everyone in family having a summer cold. I am told I can only get a 5 count box.

My fam of 5 all have sinus prob. Then I have to wait for a consultation. After 5 min of watching the barbie doll clerk struggle through other customers I give up and leave. I was treated like a drug addict.

I was highly INSULTED.

I could pass a drug test any day Bring it on.

I did not appreciate the rude service. Made me mader than ***.

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As an experienced tech I can assure you that these laws of restriction are a bigger burden on the seller than the buyer. Having to explain laws to people that have no ability to comprehend something outside of their own selfish existance if beyond frustrating.

If your WHOLE family has allergy issues. Call your family doctor and have them write a prescription for the entire month.

Once this is done, you can process them via prescription which will exclude taxes and be eligible for flexible spending, if applicable. You're welcome.


There is no evidence that psudephendrine will work in children under the age of six, and it can potentially cause side effects such as allergic reactions, effects on sleep or hallucinations.

Hallucinations??? That could scar a kid for life I think?


why do you think you're special? as a pharmacy tech, we don give a flying fbomb if you want to buy it, but big brother says no. this happens 5 times a day at least


You said you were buying FOR 5 PEOPLE! bring in 4 more driver licenses!

then you would be able to. also, real mature, if you dont get your way immediately you insult "barbie", wah!

we're sooooo sorry the fight against *** inconveniences you! nobody said you were a druggie except you, the law allows enough "D" for each buyer, as far as kids, they prolly should got to the doctor instead of tweakin on D, its not made for them


When telling someone something they don't want to hear, how can you not feel insulted or treated unjustly!? ITS ALL THEIR FAULT! DON'T YOU SEE!?


I'm sure they knew about psudephendrine laws, they just didn't want it rubbed in their faces the way it was.

Maybe the pharmacy could have been more polite about it?


You forgot to mention that you:

a) Had recently in the last 30 days purchased psudephendrine products either at Walgreens or a different pharmacy like Walmart or CVS, so the LINKED computer system knew by your drivers license that you could only get five more pills until the 30 days ran out.

b) The first box filled your quota for your monthly allotment so the system would only let you buy five more pills.

c) Someone stole your license and is using it to buy psudephendrine item's which only left you with 5 remaining.


d) Just doesn't know any better and is blaming the company for not letting you break the law, even if its for a good reason.

Tell you what, CVS recently got sued over 75 million dollars for letting their customers buy ten boxes or more of psudephendrine products at a time, you might want to give them a try and see if you get lucky???

Just a thought...


You can thank congresss for this. It is harder to get PSE item than an illegal drug.

Not you fault but same everywhere.