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I have been on the same, exact dosage and type of anti-depressant meds for two years. Every 90 days I need a new doctor's prescription, so I gave Walgreens a written prescription 8 days ago.

But, even so, the pharmacy told me that my insurance company would not allow refill without my doctor's confirmation. So I had my doctor's office call the pharmacy the day before Thanksgiving. I spoke to the pharmacy 4 times and the doctor's office twice on that day. Still no prescription.

I left town for the Thanksgiving holiday as previously planned. Fast forward to December 2. I finally had my company's benefits administrator call the insurance company who said the prescription was approved. But Walgreens still told me no, that they were still waiting for confirmation from the doctor.

Finally after explaining the whole long tedious tale (and staying absolutely calm, not easy) today, the pharmacy will fill my prescription. I lost both my parents a month ago and it's the holiday season. Going without my antidepressant for 6 days is a big deal. I had a prescription.

The doctor confirmed it.

Walgreens suuuuuuuuuucks. I am switching to CVS and praying that they train and hire intelligent, diligent, compassionate people.

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sorry to say but doctors make mistakes too. The pharmacy is the middle man between the doc and and the ins.

They get alot of "he said she said" stuff. "Doc wants this strength but ins wants this one" happens all the time.

Are you sure your md was even in the office the day before a holiday? Ha......good one.


Oh please, really? I'm sorry you lost your folks, if that's even true, that is.

Stop whining and quit posting this BS.

Troll! :roll


bigmouthed rebelchick is you are even a chick at all. something tells me you are a KEYBOARD WARRIOR in mom's basement wacking off!!


to all who read thease comments please go to walmarts site to see all of ladyscotts lies called out she claims to be a pharm tech at wallgreens one at walmart a cashier at walmart an automotive worker at walmart what a busy life for a troll


Find a local pharmacist. These places walgreens, cvs, care less about the actually employees, customers and this is why they have no relationship with you and never will High TURNOVER, low wages, stagnant positions all contributes to what they did to you.


I'd have to say 95% of the time a doctor says they contacted the pharmacy, they forgot and had an "oh *** moment". I was also a holiday weekend. You should have known in advance since you've been taking it so long that you would need your script and should have planned ahead.


Well said :)