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I was at walgreens yesterday and I needed film and a dog collar.So I was checking out the film, and it eas to good in price to beleive so I was making sure.

Then off to the dog collars and making sure I didn't miss the small I needed I read multiple collars and looked for a while. Next I hear "Code 85" and I have the cashier looking at me acting like she's organizing candy, seriously! Then I was miffed I called and got attitude from the manager. Not cool so I called corporate and that man was a tool.

Once I don't steal. Two I am sorry your product was not merchandised neatly and three I am sorry your Loss Pervention practices are sorry.

Try pulling this on someone who hasn't worked retail, who didn't run a front end and let's talk.Shame on you for thinking someone who takes their time and has to buy to very different type things is a theif because that is how you made me feel.

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every walgreens has different "codes" and i have never known one for shop lifting!usually they are codes to notify the manager they are needed somewhere for an exchange, void, refund, change, back door for vendors, and so on!

and like someone else already mentioned the front end is required to "face" the store meaning everything has to be pushed forward and in the right spot they encourage employees to do it frequently through out the day!the empployee probably saw the suspicion in your face when you suspected they thought you were stealing which cought her attention so i dont doubt she wasnt watching you but the Code had nothing to do with you!

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #220576

bellebug, talking about assuming you assumed that they thought you were stealing. What a hyprocrite.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #220575

kohls nonsense, you sound like a kid yourself with that going back to school comment(I assume highschool) don't you kids carry guns now days. No reason to be frightened.


so 2day i was in kohls & my friends & i were walking around the store.right be4 we did that we smoked a joint in an alley way & the store clerk was doing it 2 in the alley way to and we saw her.

when we went in the store we saw her & she asked "what r u trying to do?, get me in trouble." and where like "no" then when we saw her again she looked at us all funny like she was sorry or something. then when were in line 2 perchance a couple items she told our clerk "their 85 years old" & pointed at us. i immediately had a feeling that it was a code for something and i walked out of the store & one of my friends went with me. the other friends stood there while my friend & i were looking through the window.

we saw that they were talking & got scared cuz he was taking a very long time 2 ring up only 2 items then she walked out of the store & we booked it back 2 school.that was the most scared i have ever been.


HEy,guess what?Who cares?

if you weren't doing anything wrong, what does it matter?

I work at a walgreens. 99 % of people there, shoplift! So I watch ALL OF YOU! I caught three of you in 1 night!

Watching for thieves is part of our job.So next time, don't steal!



Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #186916

Well you were obviously up to something and not being honest. If you were innocent you would not have looked at the cashier or given a thought to them calling code 85.


ahahaahahaaa sounds to me that your feeling guilty.We dont have a code 85, sounds to me you were up to something fishy.

Also the cashier was probably facing, its something they are supposed to do throughout the day, relax!

And learn how to use the correct words I cant understand what your saying!"Once I dont steal" dont you mean "one?"


My district doesn't have a code like that, but code 5 is a change call. I'm not aware of any shoplifting code, but we have been known to call a made up one like 'code red' or 'code yellow' to deter shoplifter suspects from high theft aisles.


So did "making sure" of the film involve opening it? because that's probably why they got suspicious...

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