Rock Hall, Maryland

I am very disappointed with how the Rock Hall Walgreens. This was once my favorite store but it seems they have taken away all the friendly employees.

I don't know if it is just me or do they treat all customers this way. I walk in now and all you see is unfriendly little girls. I ask where something is and they look at you like you have lost your mind? The photo doesn't do all the fun photo shoots I remember in the past.

The lady who runs the store is very moody. One day she might say hi if you are lucky but most you get the blank look or as I say the "tone." You try and make conversation and unless its the young black girl Keisha (sp) you might get one word or two responce. Or you have the older women who has been there forever. She can be hot or cold as well.

I miss the boy who ran the store before he looked arrogant but he was always plesant to me. The store is nothing like it used to be. Its really sad because if it stays like this much longer it will be a memory in Rock Hall.

I know one thing if I want friendly service I will go elsewhere but if I am despart I will go to the Rock Hall Walgreens.

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What happened to the pharmacy ?, there used to be a helpful young man for such a long time,now I compare it to the one in Chestertown, nobody gives a darn !


Rock Hall Walgreens will be gone just like other local stores that hire employees of the nature. Janet has always been moody and will never change.

Having a former local as the store manager with a personality like herself is Walgreens own lynching.

Maybe CVS will take a look into our small town we already have two dollar stores coming. :grin


If the staff seem moody it can also be that the company is 'reorganizing' read that as forcing out long time employees to bring in minimum wage replacements. Benefits have been cut, pay is cut, hours cut to the extreme but more and more asked of everyone down to the micromanaging level.

Use to be a nice place to work for, now so hostile.


I noticed the stores downfall myself. Its a shame.

The little girls are young older then what you think I'm sure but I must agree they do seem to "goof off" whenever I am in there or shall I say be silly. It seems they can't keep the same people in the store its a shame. The Manager Janet has been rude to me at times as well. Mostly she is just snippy maybe its her personality but I would hope not being the eye of the public.

I just hate seeing how nice the store was a few years ago to how it is now.

To many changes and they do not keep the store tidy like before. They will either have to ship up or I hate to say it ship out at the rate its going.


Did it ever occur to you that the young women that work there, might be able to sense that you consider them little girls? That could be a good part of the reason that you don't get treated the way you THINK you should be treated.

However no matter where I go shopping I don't expect the employees to "fawn" all over me. They do have other things to do while they work than treat you like royalty. I also never have a problem when I ask for help in any store that I shop in, getting pleasant help when I need it. The young man, not boy, that you say was pleasant to you, maybe he was coming on to you.

The people that manage business places aren't kids, like you apparently have a tendency to treat them.


I agree anonymous. What happened to kind customers?

Most customers are rude and nasty. They want you to kiss their feet. Kindness goes both ways. When you throw your keys with your discount card at me, don't say hello or goodbye, throw your money on the counter even though my hand is out for the cash, what do you expect?

I could go on and on. People spit gum on the carpet, put garbage, full coffee cups, and food into the merchandise, let them use the bathroom, the *** all over the the seat and walls and say nothing.