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I dropped off a prescription for my daughter on 5-4-13, and they said they didn't have the medicine that it would be here on 5-8-13 to pick it up then. On 5-8-13 I called Walgreens in Galesburg, IL.

on Freemont and Henderson street at 1:30pm to see if it was ready, and it wasn't so when I started to ask why I was put on hold for the pharmacist to talk to me all she said was that it is a long process and that they have other customers, and that she would have to wait for another pharmacist to come in so that she could fill it, and when I said WHAT, you have had this prescription for 4 day's and now your telling me it won't be ready until after 6:00pm. Then I heard her laugh. Her response was I am not going to listen to this, and I said well maybe someone should listen, she replied she wasn't laughing that she was about to cry..I know a laugh when I hear one.

My complaint is that it should never take that long to fill a prescription even though you don't have it right then and there..there is such a thing called courtesy which is something I am not seeing and feeling from this establishment. You could at least fill the prescriptions that are there waiting for day's to be filled immediatley when the medicine come's in..not have excuses to why they aren't, and have someone with compassion talk with waiting customers..

Melissa Davis

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

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the medication may have been on back-order because all retail pharmacies will automatically order any out of stock scripts that are waiting to be filled electronically. they usually come in the next day (except on weekends) so that may be why it took so long.

If it was a class II drug (like most ADHD and pain meds) it takes 3-5 business days for the med to come in..... but I'd be mad too if I got laughed at for asking why?


Do you have any idea how many people had prescriptions there ahead of you? If not, don't complain.


Hey Sioux Falls-

I guess this answers my questions about whether you have been assigned Walgreens in addition to Walmart. So how long will you be covering these two stores complaints? Will we be seeing LadyScot again, or have you been assigned permanently to these stores?

If this doesn't make sense to you, dear reader, it's time for a quick explanation. This poster consistently responds negatively to most (if not all)Walmart and Walgreen's complaints - always with negative attitudes and advice for the poster to just shut the *** up. Unfortunately, the whole reason for this website is to provide a forum for people to register their complaints - so telling them to just "Get over it and shut up" is not really helpful.

Of course, you're not here to be helpful, right? So why don't you tell us what you ARE here for? Are you here for Walmart? Walgreens? Or for, so they can churn their way to more advertising dollars? I for one would love to know...


It seems obvious this "lady Scott" you referred to has an agenda. Which seems to be telling anyone using this forum to say anything negative against Walgreens or Walmart to not complain, shut up etc..

I agree with the last poster, this is a forum for complaints. Who are you to tell people how they should feel or obviously stand up for these places? And why would you care do much if you were just another "consumer". At least have the back bone to identify yourself your not kidding anybody.

Maybe you should stay off this forum and let consumers express their experiences.

I for one have had several instances with Walgreens treating me unprofessionally. And I'll leave at that, because I have no doubt what words of wisdom you'll come up with as you too will act like judge and jury.

@don't like Walgreens

That ladyscot is an impostor who stalks and harasses me by using my online identity to post this garbage. It is best to ignore it as I do.


You're right. Something is definitely fishy about LadyScot.

I've only read 2 comments by them so far, and I was already picking up on it.

That's how obvious it is. :x


And I mean the real LadyScot, not the imposter.

To LadyScot, I'm sure you did nothing to provoke someone into trying to impersonate you.

Like dismissing and leaving rude comments on people's complaints against Walgreens and Walmart.

Right? :?