Tampa, Florida
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Attempted to stop at Walgreens for skincare product near closing. Having been there so many times, I knew which aisle it was on.

I could have been in & out in 3 minutes. When I approached the front doors, 4 employees were outside smoking cigarettes and one yelled at me "You have ONE MINUTE, MA'AM!" She actually LEANED across the door to say this to me. Enough said. This is a small island & I'm a local; I'll shop at CVS from now on.

At least they don't YELL at me when I TRY to walk into the store. So sorry I interrupted your smoke break, b*****.

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Uh, yeah....It's obviously a woman dip ***. This is why the employee called her 'ma'am'.

Get it now? :x


The poster is a MAN. You last post indicates you think the poster is a woman!


Just because you have no men who would buy condoms (let alone want to *** with you) doesn't mean you have to vent your unsexiness here. You are a *** cow Tasha.


I concur. 8)


Actually I was hoping her purchase was condoms. Just reading her letter it is obvious that she should not have children.

Then again with her attitude I don't think she has to worry about getting a pregnant. No man would put up with her.

Angry Kelly

I agree with Tasha. I worked in retail for years.

The few times we let someone in 1 minute to close who promised 'I will only be a minute' always abuse our kindness and stay for way too long just wandering around.

It's rude. You had all day to come make a purchase- your pimple cream can wait one more day.


It is because of people like you that people hate working in retail. You should do the adult thing and know when the store closes.

You got what you deserved. Are you sure you are even old enough to drive? For someone who has been at the store many times you don't even know when they close. Also you are boycotting them based on one bad experience.

One that is your fault.

Trust me they don't need your business. I just feel sorry for the people at CVS who have to deal with you.


Your are lucky you were not in NY cause you would've been smacked trying to get into a walgreens store while closing!!! Head to CVS walgreens doesnt care about You!!!!!!


When the store is closing, you are offered the favor of being informed so. Would you prefer the door to be locked and you be mollycoddled throughout the store.

We offer you fast, friendly service and you wish to mock us. Thank you go to another store.