Taylorsville, Utah

I worked in the doctor's office and when I need to contact Walgreens for my patients medications, I could not get through to anyone. I'm currently calling twice to Walgreens pharmacy right now just to beable to talk to the tech or the pharmacist but no one picked up the phone, all i'm listening right now is music for 30 minutes!

I couldn't get anyone pick up the phone and said "please hold". I usually don't right anything awful to any pharmacy but this is the last straw, I'm sick of calling to these Walgreens pharmacy and no one pick up the phone!

This is just not professional and their management need to do something about it!

I'm currently still waiting now for 30 mins for someone to pick up the phone.

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It is actually good that they do not answer. It means they are busy filling the scripts for the patients in the pharmacy waiting in line.

Use the escript line instead.

As a technician if I am busy, the phone waits until the patients in front of me are taken care of. As a patient, I would get pissed if my technicians and pharmacist stayed on the phone instead of filling my script.


they cut jobs, they cut hours, they change the name of jobs same work lower pay. take it or leave it they really dont care.

dr's offices need to tell the patients who are the best places to get meds from this would solve the issue. Patients have no clue what is going on they think I am getting cheaper meds by going to walgreens compared to a local pharmacy (same copays at any location)


That always bothered me with any company, and no answers to at least reply , "It's currently busy, please hold" or "try again later." With no one picking up to answer, who knows what's going on? So I certainly relate to that pain.

I've heard Walgreens has been making quite a lot of cuts, especially, with their pharmacies. Can't say if it's actually true, but some of their stores has had to cut their business pharmacy hours.

It's a shame, and I'm sure those pharmacy employees are suffering, too. Here's to hoping something changes for the better and soon.

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