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Why is the service at the Walgreens branch on 1st avenue between 16th and 17th streets in NYC so consistently incompetent and absoutely disrepecful of the consumers necessary to its economic success?

For example, I recently took advatgae of a "buy one get fifty percent off a second" offer or so I thought -- turns out they gave one of the item I wanted and the second was a different item with similar packaging -- when I went back the first time to try to exchange the wrong item, they didn't have the right item and they told me to come back in a few days -- all this after waiting about 45 minutes in a line that moved at a snails pace because of inadequate and disinterested staff.

When I returned a few days later to try again, my experience was exactly the same.

I tried once more after that, and got exactly the same ***-poor result.

I then tried simply trying to return the wrong item -- needless to say I didn't have a receipt for it (becuase the receipt I had erroneously showed the itewm I really wanted) -- so I can neither return nor exchange the item I never wanted -- I'm out time, I'm out money, Walgreens' staff couldn't care less, and from now on, I'm going to CVS, Rite Aide, Duane Reade, or any drugstore except Walgreens.

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Haha Walgreens owns Duane Reade...and make sure you check to make sure you buy the right item next time, that way you can be an informed consumer and not an ignorant one.


Not opinion! Its called shopping. Maybee your short temper causes your torture shopping!


Personal blame needs to be taken here too, this problem could have happened at any number of the above mentioned retail stores.

Its nice for customers to think that clerks are mind readers, but they are not.

In the real world the problem could have been solved the first time with either a refund with the receipt (after explaining the error with the manager), or store credit without a receipt, not to mention going to another Walgreens instead and see if the item is in stock there instead. If the item was the same price before the sale, then there's no harm done.

Without any common sense I don't think Anonymous will have any place left to shop and will be stuck having to order online or having to get people to shop in their place.


You have to make sure you buy correct item, not item that has similar packaging. So your tortutre was self inflicted. Always check receipt before leaving!!!!!!


Erm, Duane Reade is owned by Walgreens now. :grin