Santa Clara, California

I worked for this company in almost five years, yet I noticed how so many chinese and filipinos were working for this company in California, they never had a diverse staff. My manager who was Chinese at the time was a ***, he never gave anyone credit for there hard work.

He boasted about his money and his wife and kids being happy, but he dissed everyone else. He's pathetic never really had a true sense of appreciation and besides that store has the worst turn off rates.

I didnt really like the other assistant managers you had two that were lazy and a small woman that was on speed and a chinese man that couldn't stop talking so much, Im happy Im out of there, it was a savage place and it depressed me. I am not a slave to these immigrant boat people, I was born here this is my country and I shouldnt have to follow there *** orders, Im running my own business now and generating more money, corporate companies are evil.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

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Brooklyn, New York, United States #761501

Hmmm racist much? Also, punctuation is a wonderful thing.

Running your own business

You can't even type a simple post on a website without making a fool of yourself. :roll


Good Review. Thank you.

Dont worry about the Racist comment, we the white man are the minority in our own country and any white who thinks differently is just plain blinded. Open your fing eyes, stop being so ignorant.


Wow could you be any more racist.

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