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On Friday I sent to the only Walgreens we have in town lancaster pa. In litiz pike this old man refuse to ring me up for my laundry detergent was buy 1 and get 2 for free.

on yhe flyer don't said no limit on the shelf doesnt said no sign its a limit.. hr said only 3 but he will do 6 botyles i said im buying 30 i paying for 5 i said there no limit yeah we do goy limit..where its out policy i ask for a manager..he sucks explain me we let you buy 6 only we have a policy. okk wheres is said is a policy limit to buy as many i want. he could shoe me nothing cause he doesnt have anything that said only 3 per customer.

My boyfriend was withme so he said he will buy some and customer behind d also.they refuse to ting me up..I pay for some stuff I need it..I said I will call corporate..he said he dont care..

my reward card he refuse to scanner..I always buy a big amount on sale cause I have a family of 12 at home..you go to CVS they treat you so good and always they let you buy any amount..manager Danny said come back tomorrow and buy some..please he thinks gas Dont cost.. never again at walgrrens he didn't even lat me use 1 manufacture coupon.I have to let him know times he was a few times please Dont go to Walgreens go to CVS.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Customer Care.

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If you check the ad, on the back there's a little tiny print section under the date of the ad. If you read it, it states "Right reserved to limit ad quantities on all items.

Purchase of excessive quantities beyond normal household usage of advertised items is not permitted."

I worked for them for almost 4 years. We limit so you don't come in and buy all the stuff we have and make our other customers unhappy.

And the whole "Oh well he'll buy these then!" is the same deal. We can spot you out easily.


Oh and it depends on the staff/manager too. If you buy 6 here, then go to another Walgreens and buy more they can't stop you and they have no way of knowing!

If you want to come in at the beginning of the sale and buy some, then the day the sale ends (or close to it) come back for more, that's okay too. If they don't have it ask for a rain check.

Buying 30 at once is just mean to everyone else. Do it in small doses.

First Born Triplet

So do what everyone else does, buy six, go to another register and buy more. If they ran out and did not have limits you would be complaining about that as well.


The title of this should be "Greedy Customer" Leave some for the rest of us for Christs sake!


Read back of ad, Have right to limit any item. Looking at your spelling may have to have someone read to you.


Every Walgreens ad has (and has had for years) a disclaimer on the back page which effectively states "we reserve the right to limit quantities". Unless you live in a state/city/jurisdiction which prohibits retailers from imposing limits they are completely allowed to do so.


CVS seem to be on every corner with WALGREENS. they seem to be doing GREAT with the lack of CUSTOMER SERVICE you get from walgreens. they make CVS look great!!


They may, in your mind, have the worst customer service, but you can't spell worth cr*p. Either learn how to spell or at least how to use spell check. Idi*t


They can limit and sell to whomever they want!