Deltona, Florida

The new Pharmacist that started working at 200 West SR 436 and Wymore Road a few months ago is the most condescending, sarcastic, disrespectful and unprofessional person I've ever encountered there or anywhere. She seems to have a power trip and has no respect for loyal Walgreens customers.

I would NOT recommend anyone spend any money at this location until they clean house in the Pharmacy staff. I wish I remembered her name but she's the only female Pharmacist there. The most disgusting attitude combined with violating my privacy PLUS shorting my Rx amount of pills in a previous visit, this Walgreens has turned into a disgrace.

After being a faithful customer for several years I now regret every dollar I've spent there. The worst part is, the store Manager and Walgreens' Corp. allow their Pharmacists an obscene amount of decision-making power and control and they are not held accountable for their mistreatment of customers, no matter how egregious! In front of other customers and Pharmacy staff she made false claims about me Rx shopping and lied about my filling "several" scripts at a Publix recently.

She stood there shaking her head and refusing to listen to me and emphatically stating she recalled speaking to Publix after I requested my Rx to be transferred there, I asked for their phone number and the person she claims she spoke with. I never ever authorized a Rx transfer ANYWHERE and the only time I filled at Publix was a month prior when I went to that Walgreens first but SHE actually informed the counter clerk they did not have my meds in stock. So I went all over town until I found a Publix that did have it. I called the number she gave me but it was not Publix, it was a Target!

And the Pharmacist's name who she was so sure she spoke to was also incorrect, there is no "Mary" there! This rude woman stood there at the counter and stated with all certainty while looking in her computer that I've been filling my scripts at various other pharmacies recently and she remembered this phone conversation with Publix Pharmacy, even when I asked her many times if she was sure about this info she kept shaking her head with the sickest smirk on her face telling me "Oh no, I see it right here. Oh yes, you've been to Publix and had scripts filled there several times recently and since that is against Walgreens policy we can no longer fill your Rxs here anymore. I'm not going to argue with you about it." I pleaded with her to give me more info about the alleged script transfer, when it happened and even asked her to check her system again explaining how I'd come to them first before having ONE script filled at Publix a month before.

And how other than that script, I have gone to Walgreens each month like clockwork with the same scripts from the same doctor for the past year or so! I should not be penalized for going elsewhere when they are unable to fill my script because they don't have it in stock!

She seemed to enjoy embarrassing me in front of the other customers and store staff and refused to listen or give me the respect I've earned as a customer there. As I walked out I asked her if this ban would apply to all Walgreens and she replied with that same sick smirk and sarcasm - "it will be." I have never experienced this type of behavior and unprofessionalism from anyone at this pharmacy before now but I have been spreading the word so that people are aware of how Walgreens does NOT value their customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

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