Sarasota, Florida
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Nasty, rude, and full of herself. I was told the wait would be an hour, so I waited because I really needed it for a family member.

There was a very polite guy, also working in the pharmacy who was waiting on other customers. Pharmacist kept walking away from my order to make small talk with other customers. She was talking about people's jobs, wives etc.... That's a nice touch if you have time for it, but she didn't.

Then, when she finally brought the prescription to the counter, she actually suggested my doctor call her for advice on treating the condition. She didn't agree with the pain treatment, like it's any of her business. I'm not kidding! She apparently has some delusion that she spend four years in med school, and another four as a resident dealing with medical conditions.

Kind of sad.

She just needs to concentrate on counting pills, making sure the drug is from the correct container, and check her unfounded ego at the door.

I will never go back, even though it's the closest place.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I agree! So done with Walgreens,that is after I file a complaint with the State Of Michigan Pharmacutical Board.


Pharmacists do go to school for years to learn about diagnosis, various forms of treatment, interactions, administration of medications and immunizations. The pharmacist is trying to make sure there is clear communication between all of your caregivers. This has nothing to do with ego; simply trying to deliver comprehensive treatment


Yeah I hear more and more situations of the scenario you explained. They are even getting to the point that they want to know the diagnosis of the condition, the expected time of treatment, and alternatives that could be used that are not scheduled medications.

My psycologist even is fed up with the scrutiny he has to go through with constant calls of verifying and explaining his diagnosis. He thoughts are he is the one that is specialized in the particular field in which he is prescribing and mentioned he has actually practiced in over four different countries over his career, and NEVER had any issues/backlash as he has had in the US.

I think this is an beginning of the end on the havok of getting what may need to be taken in meds in order to alleviate peoples problems or give them a better daily way of life! F Walgreens.