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Took a pain med and sleep med RX to walgreens in Cape Coral on Sept 5,2015. The pharmacist would not fill it because he had to call my dad's Dr.

first to verify this rx, the pharmacist felt the drugs were not something my dad needed at that time and wanted to speak with the dr regarding the strenghts first. This happened to be Saturday before Labor day so therefore we would have to wait until tuesday for him to speak with the doc. Who are these pharmacist to call the shots when my dad had just left the dr's office and went to the pharmacy. He sat in the car and sent my brother in.

My dad had just 4 weeks prior had a knee replacement and was still in extensive pain. I have called walgreens on 4 occasions and demanded answers on this and to no surprise no response from anyone.

I am now going to contact a attorney and maybe they will talk to my attorney. I have never in my 60 years of life have ever heard of anything so CRAZY!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Pharmacist.

Walgreens Cons: Lack of respect.

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Walgreens does indeed seem to have a history of interfering with peoples' ability to pick up their prescriptions. Luckily for me, I don't live in the U.S. and don't have to deal with this ridiculousness!


It is a pharmacist legal responsibility to verify any script he feels is written incorrectly. It is also his legal right to refuse to full any script he chooses.

A pharmacist can and will challenge any script or dosage if he feels it will harm the patient. Do you know what other drugs your dad is taking? One of them probably will interact negatively with the pain or sleep med. OR the sleep med will interact with the pain med.

I know this for a fact because of a med my husband takes he can NOT take a sleeping pill or HE WILL NOT WAKE UP. You can than the pharmacist for giving a *** about your dad's life.


And to the original poster: hope your dad is OK and you went somewhere else. Fight this treatment all the way.

Write your newspaper as well.

Flood them. This must stop.


I work in a pharmacy and may time docs can prescribe med that don't work well together or may react negatively with other med you may be taking. I'm sure the pharmacist has your father's best interest in mind.

Many many time docs prescribe wrong med for patient and pharmacist catch the mistakes.


The above is not true here. Walgreens has a history of this behavior.

They have complaints from hospice patients, etc. Never try to fill a scheduled med from Walgreens. They will require medical records from your dr that are none of their business. Their pharmacists try to practice medicine without a license.

The company was nailed years ago for filling obvious fake scripts.

Now they just won't fill without a rectal and pap in store first!!!

It's sad that they couldn't have made some realistic changes after they got in trouble. Instead, they went too far.