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I also feel this is not a good place for black folks to shop if we are having trouble with them in the store,I wanted to use my coupons so I was purchasing the boost product brought 3 multipacks had three coupons for each product and some store coupons for walgreen I walked in the store at 9:15 left the store at 10:20 because I had to step out of line because they did not want me to use the coupons there was to much hand over hand poor customer service the mgr had put out his green tags where the price changed to 6.99 per case so a better deal for me so I thought he further tried to negotiations the price with me WHAT I just wanted what everyone else wanted this is not acceptable with coupons or for us customers I'm done shopping with Walgreen's and I will spread the word about their service I work with a lot of people that will help spread the rude service all it takes is one word by mouth and spreads like wildfire.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Deal.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walgreens Cons: Lack of customer value and.

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Punctuation is your friend. ;)


I can't figure out what she is talking about either... And I am not a Walgreens troll, just as I highly doubt the first replier is. I am on here looking up the company I work for and decided to check out complaints for our competitors.


When you spread the word please explain more clearly. I can't figure out what your problem was.


Walgreens Employee Trolling these comments adding more distain for the already DISLIKED Chain.

I AGREE with this poster, I am friends with a Black Girl and we often go in together, I am white and I feel like they are highly disrespectful to her as opposed to me. Also, one of the tech's privately asked me if I shared any of my pain meds with her.

Totally shocked when I heard that question posed to me and would have come undone if I had not known the Tech personally.

Walgreens is just a very bad chain with absolutely NO respect for decency. I actually think it is ran by an evil cult.