Jacksonville, Arkansas
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The Walgreens in AR would not sell me sudafed- it is the only thing that relieves pressure in sinus & ear pressure. The tech said they would require a prescription from me because I have not filled any prescriptions there recently.

My insurance only pays for mail order. I am 10 lbs overweight and have all of my teeth - obviously not a *** user! I will have to suffer until I can get to my doctor- not enjoy my

Does anyone know who to complain to? I wonder if I can reach a regional manager?

It really is *** that they have filled prescriptions in the past and should have information on health problems that I have. Obviously shopping there on a regular basis didn't help.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

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Walmart in Cabot Arkansas refused to sell me Sudafed without a prescription and I have severe allergies and get a lot of sinus infections and it can take 2 weeks to get a Dr appt


I just assumed reading this that the writer had reached the limit for purchasing sudafed. My understanding is, the purchases are tracked via DL number, the system is nationwide, only a certain number are allowed per month and this is to prevent people from manufacturing *** I don't live in the U.S. so maybe my American friend told me wrong??


I could not purchase sudafed at Walgreens in Bella Vista AR, Even though had a valid DL. and had purchased meds chemo meds from them 7 months ago.

I was told repeatedly it was a state law that if I had not purchased meds from that Walgreens in the past 6 months they were not permitted to sell to me! I said so if I have not been sick enough in the past 6 months to need a prescription I can not buy sudafed?

Yes sir was the answer, it's a state law. If they do not know the laws, perhaps they do not know their meds.


It's not the law in Arkansas. It's company policy.

I haven't been to Walgreens since they refused to sell me Sudafed.

I had filled prescriptions there in the past but at the other store a mile away. Funny they can transfer prescriptions back and forth between each other, or that I can pick up prescriptions for my wife with no problem, but buying some legal behind-the-counter medication was too much for them.


Complain all you want it is the law! "Consumers" treat people doing their jobs like *** when we have no choice but to tell you sorry we can't... Is there someone I cam complain to about rude customers?


it's not the law in Ga. only company policy.

will not purchase anything else from Walgreens. have Ga.

DL have to have filled a prescription in past 6 months. malarky!!


It doesn't really matter if you to go any other drug store. State law says they CANNOT sell it without a valid ARKANSAS ONLY DL or ID. The exception to this is if you are in the military and have a valid military ID.


Can you not go to a walmart or cvs or any other store in the world to get your sedated? You HAVE to go to the doctor because walgreens won't sell it to you?