DO NOT PRINT PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS AT WALGREENS...My friend who is a professional photographer took some pics of my family as a friend, not a job, and the photo department would not let me buy my own Christmas cards without a signed affidavit from a lawyer that I had the rights to print my own pictures. So I called by friend and she said, she had never heard of this, and anyway if you have the pictures, and there is no watermark, you have the right to print whenever.

Walgreens refused to let me buy my cards on no principle but to be jerks. My friend said don't go to Walgreens anyway, go to Costco or Sam's, they're equipment is much better and the quality of prints will be better.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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Ever hear of copyright laws? Store can be sued by photographer unless you can produce a copyright release from the photographer.


If her name was anyplace on the photo, including the back any business needs an OK of some kind to make copies. If her name is on the back, buy some photo paper and print them on your printer.

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