South Holland, Illinois
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I have been filling a prescription at Walgreens on Eola and new york Intersection at aurora IL.

The store manager is not knowledgeable and have extremely bad and rude way of talking to the customer. I had a very critical prescription refill for my BP and I called the pharmacy 7 days prior and pharmacist there told me that he will keep it ready and call you as its ready as it needs dr's autho.

I received a mssg u r pres is ready. I went there that pharmacy manager said they dont it no one called made call to the dr as it doesnt say that . It was an imp med so I asked her what do I do now as I got that my pre is ready from you and that why i delayed coming . She wasnt even ready to give me that days pill.

She said my drs office is closed and asked me to come tomm. I said but its must take medication and I was so upset that I said to a friend of my mine next time i need to change this pharmacy as they seem to not care for the patient . She threaten me that now that i spoke to my friend abt changing the pharmacy she is not giving me that one day pill . I was shocked.

Later on when i was filling the prescription of my tablet she charged me wrong for whole 5 months and then wasnt ready to let me talk to the main walgreens office but gave me a store credit to close the matter. Saying they will not pay me or refill my prescription until that refund is resolved with the main office and asked me to take whatever they r giving and go. And today was the height last week i filled the prescription for 30 days and they gave me only 9 tablets. I went to walgreens saying they charged me for 30.

The guys said yes our system shows 30 but i dont know why they gave u 9 and I will need to ask the manager tomm when she comes in . I told him i dont have tablet and i need to take it can u give me one tablet for today he refused and told me he will charge me 50 dollars. I then the other sr pharmacy person came and asked him whats wrong he said we filled only 9 but shows 30 . he goes impossible that doesnt happen here he was not even ready to look into it .

when i said can u pls check on the system as this other pharmacy tech is saying that system is saying we did 30 but bottle and RX no says 9 she has a proof that its 9. He reluctantly checked and bluntly said come tomm. we cant do anything I asked him if he has any store manager who can do something he started calling security and all. I felt so horrible and insulted as these ppl are extremely untrained and rude and care nothing abt any patient .

They keep messing up . They false charge ppl. I mean its the worst pharmacy exp i ever had.

This pharmacy is not recommended for anyone who take medications that they cant miss. As they are not regular in keeping track of patients prescriptions.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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If you speak the way you spell, maybe they couldn't understand you. You have so many words in your complaint that aren't spelled properly and for abbreviations they aren't even correct.

It doesn't take any more energy to type out the full word and at least that might make sense.

As far as having to contact your doctor that does happen every so often, depending on how many refills your doctor prescribes.


It wasn't about spelling or how he spoke his complaint . It was the fact he couldnt' get his meds and was ripped off by Walgreens .When you need to take medicine everyday and there is a problem most places would see to it that you had at least enough to take and you time to get back with your dr.


The fact is if they cannot understand a word this little boy is saying how are they going to be able to help him. It is not their fault he does not speak proper English and there was a miscommunication about his medication because of that. They could also be trying to protect him, if he is an adult and speaks like this than they probably thought he was frying his brain abusing the medication rather than taking it for medical purposes.


I have to agree with you, they probably thought that this person was saying another thing than what they meant.